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05 May - 29 May

Galerie Koo presents: “Mapping Hong Kong” by Caroline Bouquet

By Localiiz 3 May 2021

Event Information

START DATE 05 May 2021
END DATE 29 May 2021
Galerie Koo, 7/F Vogue Building, 67 Wyndham Street, Central
(+852) 5703 6145

Galerie Koo is delighted to announce its exciting exhibition “Mapping Hong Kong” by Caroline Bouquet, a French artist based in Hong Kong. Featured for the first time at Galerie Koo, Caroline will bring a fresh perspective to Hong Kong—a city that Caroline has grown to love. Her collection will showcase mix-media paintings overlapped with local ancient maps courtesy of Hong Kong Maritime Museum. The exhibition is an associated project with French May Arts Festival 2021.

Showcasing a globalised, hyper-dense, diverse, and packed city, Caroline’s works depict the landscape of Hong Kong through her perceptive eyes. The distinctively geographical and cartographical overtones inherent within the exhibition explore a physical, creative, and spiritual journey across time and continents in a unique and compelling way. 

Caroline enjoys the manner in which maps bring back past memories or even “déjà vu”. The paintings serve as lenses through which the other may be interpreted. Voids are never empty but are full of possibilities and reminiscence. Within a locked-down world, her paintings brim with full-hearted passion and memory, anticipating a hopeful future, and an expectation of boundless travel between tradition and modernity.


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