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14 Sep - 25 Sep

Seefood Room presents: “The Beautiful and The Grotesque” by Mizuki Nishiyama

By Localiiz 12 September 2022

Event Information

START DATE 14 Sep 2022
END DATE 25 Sep 2022
Seefood Room, Haus of Contemporary, 4/F, 9 On Lan Street, Central

Seefood Room presents “The Beautiful and The Grotesque”, an elegant exploration of femininity and the human body. Far from a dichotomised opposition, Mizuki Nishiyama shows us how the beautiful and the grotesque coexist in harmony through femininity. Society has determined the female body to be the space for beauty and the grotesque, and the artist asks her viewers to find the balance between these two qualities and walk the fine line with dignity and strength. 

Contemporary Japanese-Hong Kong artist Mizuki Nishiyama explores the multiple facets of human nature through the medium of painting. She draws from her own experiences and cultures of both the East and the West in her creations, exploring a wide range of concepts through her raw and bold paintings.


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