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13 Feb - 28 Feb

Raze PopUp Event

By Localiiz 18 February 2020

Event Information

START DATE 13 Feb 2020
END DATE 28 Feb 2020
36 Cochrane Central, Central

Introducing a new way to maintain hygiene and fight Bacteria, Viruses, Odors, and VOCs.
To help support the current situation, they will be offering a 50% discount on in-store purchases (limit 2 items per)!

We are launching Raze Technology with a Popup event this week!
We are a HK based material science company that developed a nano-photocatalyst coating capable of absorbing light energy and using that energy to safely decompose pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, odors and VOCs.
Our nanoparticles form a light-activated coating that continuously decomposes pollutants for up to 3 months.

We have further developed the ability to integrate our nano-particle into different materials. By integrating it into different products, it is an extremely easy way for our partners to add a self-cleaning functionality to their products.

We will be showcasing all of our technology at our popup event. We will also be displaying an Air Purifier that does not require replacement of filters and a revolutionary Paint that not only purifies indoor air, but also regulates its temperature.

See you there!


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