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13 Feb - 13 Mar

Feng Yan Solo Exhibition

By Localiiz 14 February 2020

Event Information

START DATE 13 Feb 2020
END DATE 13 Mar 2020
Tang Contemporary Art, 10/F, H Queen's, 80 Queens Road Central, Central

This is the artist’s debut exhibition in Hong Kong as well as an important exhibition to the artist in recent years. The show will feature 14 photography works from various series including “Psychedelic Bamboo”, “Tang Mausoleum Long Grass”, “Paintings” and “Monument”.

“Feng Yan’s grandest bewilderment & interest lie in the sense of distance in photography: the reflection on distance, the distance of reality and psychology. Is there distance of reality? How to measure psychological distance? His focus on distance gives his photography a clear sense of notion, making his choice and assessment unique. Picking the distance between him and his object also unveils the mood, the aura and the meaning of his work.”

– Excerpt from Ai Weiwei “Speaking Beyond Words”

” ‘Each and every one of us lives within a discourse of power; this is inescapable,’ Feng Yan says. ‘Psychologically, we all experience a conflict between our desire for power and our resistance to the power of others.’ The photographer himself appears, in reflection, in the convex mirror of the hubcap and, in elongated form, on the gleaming bumper bar. It is as if power, by its very nature, distorts its holders’ view of common humanity. In a few simple images, Feng Yan conveys the unbridgeable distance between those who wield power and those who do not. He also suggests the menace of power-and, if those are really bullet holes, its vulnerability as well.”

– Excerpt from museum catalogue by John McDonald (Head of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Australia)

“His studied treatment transforms the tire into an object of significance – something with a story to tell.”

– Excerpt from museum catalogue by Kris Imants Ercums (Curator of Spencer Museum of Art)


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