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17 Jun - 31 Jul

No Limits Hong Kong presents: “Phantoms Within” by Mickael ‘Marso’ Riviere

By Localiiz 21 June 2022

Event Information

START DATE 17 Jun 2022
END DATE 31 Jul 2022

Filmed entirely in Hong Kong, “Phantoms Within” is a short dance film by award-winning choreographer Mickael ‘Marso’ Riviere. With its staging specifically tailored to the city as a backdrop, the choreography presents German one-handed dancer Vehbi Can Yesil in movement with three local dancers from differing backgrounds in breakdance and contemporary dance.

Exploring the idea of phantom limb syndrome, a phenomenon where amputees or differently-abled people experience sensations belonging to limbs that don’t exist, the film unpacks ideas stemming from real-life research into the condition as well as posing philosophical questions on life and inclusivity. Showcased jointly by the Hong Kong Arts Festival and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, tune in to screenings of “Phantoms Within” between 17 June to 31 July here.


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