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28 Mar - 11 Apr

Mukashi Mukashi by Bao Ho

By Localiiz 16 March 2020

Event Information

START DATE 28 Mar 2020
END DATE 11 Apr 2020
The Stallery, G/F, 82A Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai

Mukashi Mukashi (translating to “Once upon a time” in Japanese) is the first solo print exhibition by Bao Ho in collaboration with The Stallery & L’Epicerie Fine HK.

Bao Ho, an artist born and based in Hong Kong, has been passionate about drawing since her childhood. After working as a graphic designer for several years, Bao was introduced to the world of street art during a chance visit to Milan. Following her discovery of this new form of expression that would later come to define her style, Bao settled down back in her home city to pursue her art full time.

Her imaginary worlds, inspired by the scenes of Hong Kong daily life we encounter every day, are inhabited by unique characters and fantastic creatures both real and fictional. As we step into Bao’s inviting formal dimensions, we also discover her remarkable drawing style reminiscent of doodling and manga art. Seeing her in action— executing every single line and stroke freehand on a wall, on paper, or even on her iPad—reveals the meticulous, thorough, and technically skilled process behind all the vibrant scenes we see in the final works. To document Bao’s freehand drawing process, a time-lapse of each work’s creation will be projected at The Stallery during the show.

This solo exhibition, presenting about 25 carefully selected prints to the public, will be Bao’s first exhibition in three years. Through the exhibition, we invite each viewer to discover Bao’s colorful world with its fantastic creatures and characters and, at the same time, decipher what the vibrant scenes reveal about the artist’s inner world. Every work on display showcases Bao’s immensely relatable style which, at the same time, is so uniquely inventive.


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