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01 Jul - 30 Jul

Explorer Hong Kong presents: Snorkelling tour

By Localiiz Branded | 22 June 2022

Event Information

START DATE 01 Jul 2022
END DATE 30 Jul 2022
(+852) 5392 2809

Snorkelling is a fun and non-invasive way to explore aquatic ecosystems. Explorer Hong Kong offers up snorkelling trips around Hong Kong’s waters that are inclusive of equipment and professional guidance, in addition to a boatload of other water-sports-based ways to see our local natural wonders.

See the beauty of Wong Mau Island from under glassy blues as part of this tour, or combine the activity with the fun of kayaking as part of this combo. For the true adventurers, there is even an eco-tour that takes you round to a secret island in the Tolo Harbour, allowing you a glimpse into the maroon siltstones of a unique and protected Geopark right in Hong Kong! 

If you are looking to expand your horizons in the natural scapes of Hong Kong, check out this quiz to find out which Explorer Hong Kong experience to go for next!

Explorer Hong Kong

Explorer Hong Kong is a local platform that hosts a treasure trove of adventures, taking you off the beaten path of the city. Led by enthusiastic teams of professional coaches, its activities range from extreme sports like rock climbing and ziplining to thrilling activities that bring you up close and personal with nature, such as canyoneering and diving. Having successfully hosted over 1,000 tours with a member base of over 25,000 adventurers, join Explorer Hong Kong and enjoy the wild side of Hong Kong like never before!​