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15 Jul - 30 Jul

Galerie Koo presents: solo exhibition by Japanese ceramist Akihiro Furugaki

By Localiiz 15 July 2021

Event Information

START DATE 15 Jul 2021
END DATE 30 Jul 2021
7/F Vogue Building, 67 Wyndham Street, Central
(+852) 5703 6145

From 15 to 30 July, Galerie Koo will be hosting a solo exhibition of Japanese potter Akihiro Furugaki. The exhibition will showcase a series of works with ceramics, drawing inspiration from the sky and sea of Kagoshima. 

Akihirio Furugaki is one of the few artists in the world to paint using the delicate “Yurikingsinsai” technique, an original Japanese craft technique created at the start of the twentieth century. Its ability to stop silver leaf from turning black is its most fascinating characteristic. Furugaki has further developed the “Yurikingsinsai” technique into a new form to create much more delicate works of art, coining it “Yuriginryusai.”

His main works featured in the exhibition are satsuma porcelains called white satsuma (shiro satuma) as well as blue satsuma (ao satsuma). He wanted to express the extraordinary clear sky and sea of Kagoshima Prefecture—the birthplace of satsuma porcelain—and made an original glaze by blending the traditional white glaze and his original blue glaze. By using those two glazes, he designed a unique satsuma porcelain that has a mixture of his original blue colour and the traditional white colour. Furugaki‘s works have been highly valued for their beautiful and delicate style that allows for a new interpretation of “abstract art.


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