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14 Jan - 20 Feb

Young Soy Gallery x Sauce Lifestyle presents: “Ying Baau Geng” exhibition

By Localiiz 16 January 2021

Event Information

START DATE 14 Jan 2021
END DATE 20 Feb 2021
Sauce, 4 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong
(+852) 6079 4775

Young Soy Gallery, in collaboration with Sauce Lifestyle, presents “Ying Baau Geng,” or “dope enough to explode mirrors.” This collaboration defies traditional labels by showcasing street art on the walls of a barbershop, rather than exhibiting within a studio or gallery space. In doing so, the three artists represented—Nelson Caban, Louise Soloway Chan, and Ross Turpin—“explode“ the idea of conventional exhibitions. 

Visitors who come to Sauce do not enter a compulsory viewing room; instead, they enter a laidback barbershop with the suggestion of a viewing room. Their goal is for “Ying Baau Geng” to provide people with a more approachable outlook on emerging contemporary art in Hong Kong.


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