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17 Jun - 16 Dec

UOB presents: “Unyielding Visions” virtual exhibition

By Localiiz 21 June 2021

Event Information

START DATE 17 Jun 2021
END DATE 16 Dec 2021

From now until 16 December 2021, UOB Hong Kong is presenting “Unyielding Visions,” a virtual solo exhibition featuring 10 artworks of Mr Leung Chi Wing on the UOB Virtual Art Space. “Unyielding Visions” explores Mr Leung’s unwavering dedication to his creative practice as he breaks through the limitations of traditional ink forms to explore new possibilities of artistic creation through ink and wash experiments.

Mr Leung’s subjects of sky bridges, tall buildings and flyovers might seem ordinary on the surface, but these concrete structures connect communities and bear witness to human perseverance in overcoming obstacles to look beyond into vistas of hope.

The theme of hope runs through the exhibition and are most poignantly expressed through the artworks that commemorate the successful rescue of a Thai youth soccer team entrapped in the Tham Luang cave in June 2018. The cave openings, which are metaphoric windows of hope, are symbolic motifs offering macroscopic spaces of contemplation, as well as microscopic introspection into the artist’s practice.


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