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25 Nov - 08 Jan

Korean Cultural Centre in Hong Kong x Art Chosun present: “滲: Pervade” exhibition

By Localiiz 22 November 2021

Event Information

START DATE 25 Nov 2021
END DATE 08 Jan 2022
6/F, Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong, Block B, PMQ

Image courtesy of Korean Cultural Centre in Hong Kong

The Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong and Art Chosun jointly present “滲: Pervade,” a duo exhibition featuring the works of two masters of Korean modern art Lee Ung-no (1904-1989) and Ha In-doo (1930-1989). The exhibition will be held at the Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong from 25 November 2021 to 8 January 2022.

A total of 11 masterpieces from two of the most notable names synonymous with the first generation of Korean modern art will be presented—Lee Ung-no (also known as Go-Am), who transcended the barriers of Eastern and Western art with his modern and abstract art of nature and humans; and Ha In-doo (also known as Chung-Hwa), whose geometric colour field abstract art has roots that can be traced back to Korean traditional culture and Buddhism.

The title of the exhibition “滲: Pervade” reflects how the artistic ideologies of these artists—both masters of their craft who sought to express Korean beauty in their art while also creating their own unique styles by evolving traditional techniques— pervade through onto the canvas. The meaning goes further by embracing the hope that the artists’ sentiments will permeate into the hearts and minds of all who view and appreciate their works.


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