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20 Jun - 11 Jul

“Invisible Walls” mixed media art exhibition

By Localiiz 18 June 2021

Event Information

START DATE 20 Jun 2021
END DATE 11 Jul 2021
53 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay

Every artist aims to push boundaries and surpass conventional frameworks to make pieces that are truly mind-blowing. Jointly presented by AMAZ by Lokianno, Pistachio Kernel, and POA, “Invisible Walls” is a mixed media art exhibition that contemplates the question of the non-existence and imaginations: to form imageries beyond presence, to connect dots, lines, surfaces; and to break through invisible limits out of conventional frameworks. Though born from nothing, imagination breaks through invisible boundaries, akin to an oasis in a desert on our search for the impossible.

“Invisible Walls” will feature five distinguished artists—OTORI, Alfred Cheng, Omacke, Jimmy Rice, and Bao. Their artworks shatter the walls of old and realise the boundless possibilities of art itself.


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