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21 Jun - 19 Jul

Livin Farms x iNaturalist: “Masters of Disguise—Hive and Seek”

By Localiiz 8 July 2021

Event Information

START DATE 21 Jun 2021
END DATE 19 Jul 2021

To celebrate our arthropod friends, Livin Farms is presenting “Masters of Disguise—Hive and Seek” from 21 June to 19 July 2021, challenging you to get out there and play hide and seek....with insects!

Grab your friends, families, partners (furry pets are also welcome), and go on an adventure to photograph as many camouflaging insects as possible to secure a special prize. Prefer quality over quantity? No worries, you have a chance to win too! Stick insects, orchid Mantis, or even just moths blending in with the background—the harder it is to see them, the more your photos will be worth!

Click here to sign up for “Masters of Disguise—Hive and Seek.” This is a global challenge, so everyone and anyone can join in the fun!


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