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13 Nov - 18 Dec

Crafts on Peel presents: Chinese tea appreciation ceremonies

By Localiiz 13 November 2020

Event Information

START DATE 13 Nov 2020
END DATE 18 Dec 2020
Crafts on Peel, 11 Peel Street, Central
(+852) 2510 0637

Over the coming six weeks, Crafts on Peel will present a series of traditional tea appreciation ceremonies. Designed to create moments of mindfulness and calmness within your daily routine, the ninety-minute sessions will take place through November and December 2020.

Extending themes explored in Crafts on Peel’s current exhibition, ”Imagine the Impossibilities: Bamboo,” Crafts on Peel’s series of tea appreciation ceremonies, ”The Pursuit of Elegance: Rituals of Song Dynasty,” has been carefully designed to infuse the ritual of traditional tea appreciation into contemporary living. Each session will be hosted by a certified tea master who will introduce participants to Chinese tea culture and serving etiquettes through demonstration and accompanying discussion.

Participants will be served two types of Chinese tea from specially selected teaware that responds to the leading characteristics of the tea in each unique ceremony. With access to Crafts on Peel’s collection of teaware and specialist knowledge, participants will be able to assimilate the purity and elegance embedded within the cultural heritage of the traditional tea appreciation ceremony. For the full programme and to register please see below, or visit the Crafts on Peel website.


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