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Minisport HK

Posted 12 September 2021

Minisport HK creates unique opportunities for children in Hong Kong to enter the world of sport in the right way. We insist on bright, age-appropriate equipment, fun activities and a whole load of encouragement.

The overriding philosophy of Minisport is to foster positive attitudes towards sport so that children remain active for long enough to fine-tune the skills necessary to compete later in their lives.

Child development is a complex process. Children respond differently to a wide array of stimuli, from colours to voice level. 

We therefore make sure that our classes involve a healthy mix of both "following" and "experimenting" time. Rely on our friendly coaches to fill the day with colour and excitement as we use bright age-appropriate equipment.

Find out the benefits of exercise and sports for kids

By Minisport Sponsored | 15 July 2020