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English Schools Foundation (ESF) Kennedy School

By SEA 13 January 2020

School Overview

19 Sha Wan Drive, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong
2579 5600
Primary School
$115,800 (Year 1-4) $98,500 (Year 5 & 6) (Maximum school fee)

ESF Kennedy School 

Kennedy School (KS) is an ESF international primary school.

Kennedy School was established in 1961. The school occupies a pleasant location on the west of Hong Kong Island, and benefits from the use of the swimming and sporting facilities of The University of Hong Kong’s Stanley Ho Centre, which is adjacent to the school. Music, performing arts and physical education are strengths of the school. A strong interest in environmental and ecological issues is also a feature of the school.


The area from Caine Road to Aberdeen. Cheung Chau. Babington Path, Oaklands Path, Hospital Road, Des Voeux Road, Connaught Road, Queen’s Road Central (excluding the Central District hotels), Park Road, Breezy Path, Bonham Road, Caine Road and north of the Bonham/Caine Road line, Castle Road, Seymour Road, Mosque Street, Shelly Street, 97 Robinson Road and beyond (odd numbers), 72 Robinson Road and beyond (even numbers), Kotewall Road, Lyttleton Road, University Drive, Oaklands Avenue, Chi Fu Fa Yuen, Baguio Villas, Cyber Port Road, Victoria Road, Kennedy Town, Shum Wan Road, Grantham Hospital, the Police Training School and Aberdeen Marina. Ap Lei Chau excluding South Horizons. Central District and Sheung Wan (excluding hotels); north of Caine and Bonham Roads to the waterfront.

Admissions Information

Starting Age

5 years old

Entry Level

Year 1


INR: $500,000

English Schools Foundation (ESF) Kennedy School

19 Sha Wan Drive, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong

+852 2579 5600

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