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Why You Should Consider Buying Laboratory Grown Diamonds

By Sponsored content 19 February 2019
The world is taking notice of how different industries are impacting the environment and the diamond industry is no exception. Have you always thought that diamonds are an environmental friendly product, since they are made in the earth’s crust over millions of years? The reality is that factors such as expensive mining practices, overpriced packaging, shipping, and distance to Hong Kong all contribute to the impact that mined diamonds have on the environment and price. So how can we prevent this? Online laboratory grown diamond retailer The Diamond Library is here to help you out with its sublime collection of everyday jewellery made using laboratory grown diamonds.

What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

After countless hours of research, innovative technology now allows us to grow diamonds in a laboratory, by recreating the same natural process in the earth that makes mined diamonds, without harming our environment. This means that we can now control the quality and deliver brighter, shinier diamonds – all without the expensive markup. The first step in being green is to know exactly where your diamond is coming from. Would you rather buy a mined diamond that uses gas guzzling vehicles, displaces the earth's natural geography, and contributes towards violence in Africa, or buy a laboratory grown diamond from a private lab? Most people today would agree that there is nothing more important than saving our planet, and their good conscience leads them to shift from buying traditional mined diamonds to laboratory grown ones. There is no difference in mined versus laboratory grown diamonds, other than the process of diamond formation. Whereas mined diamonds are formed over millions of years, deep in the earth's crust, laboratory grown diamonds are grown in labs using machines that can replicate the same natural environment. Whether its colour, clarity, carats, carbon, hardness, dispersion, or refractive index, there is no difference between the two. The Diamond Library aims to reduce waste while getting back to the sustainable way of making diamonds.

No Need for Certification

The word “certified” is a trendy term that makes people willing to pay twice as much, but lab grown diamonds don’t have to be overly expensive. To put it simply, before lab grown diamonds, mined diamonds had to be sent to certification bodies to ensure that the customer is not being cheated and that they are truly buying a diamond of a specific criteria. But don’t let people fool you! Now with lab grown diamonds, we no longer have to send the stone to get it certified by other laboratories, as we can do this ourselves, because we are able to create what we want, when we want, meaning there are no additional markups.

Everyday Jewellery at an Affordable Price

The Diamond Library started from a need – to provide diamonds without the hefty price and with the least environmental impact. The more you search, the more you will find yourself surrounded with expensive jewellery stores, finding it impossible to find pieces that are well made and don't cost a fortune. So why is diamond jewellery so expensive? Well, we did some research and found that jewellery retailers mark up their products at least ten times to pay for pricey marketing campaigns, premium rent, and middlemen. Expensive diamond mining practices are no longer sustainable, digging up vast amounts of land and in turn polluting our earth. Our Direct to Customer business model allows us to cut these expenses and pass these savings directly onto our customers, while delivering a confident and connected experience. Inspired by Hong Kong’s iconic skyline that represents a contemporary, hybrid style, we wanted to offer people affordable, simple, high-quality jewellery for daily use. We at The Diamond Library are proud to bring to market simple jewellery, using high-quality, lab grown diamonds, all at a fair price. Essentially jewellery that instills confidence – The idea of crafting jewellery that allows each one of us to express ourselves, while making us look and feel good, led us to offer our pieces in three standard sizes, allowing customers to choose their fit. We make lab grown diamond studs, bracelets, necklaces, and invisible chokers, using only premium gold, which is known for its strength and corrosion resistance. Each piece of jewellery is also polished to give it a refined and elegant finish.

Giving Back to the Community

We’re not going to stop there though. We are committed to fighting against gender inequality through education, and we have pledged to donate a chunk of our earnings to the She’s the First organisation. We will be donating supplies to educate underprivileged girls, so we can rest confident that our future is bright.

Find out more about The Diamond Library and its beautiful collection of lab made diamonds. 

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