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5 things you should know about WeeGo, Hong Kong’s newest exploration app

By Localiiz Branded | 27 May 2022

Header image courtesy of WeeGo

Online recommendations are a dime a dozen, yet the truly helpful ones are rarely easy to find. Going through the endless scroll of cloned content and page after page of irrelevant results can make the search process feel grating. Like a breath a fresh air in an age of oversaturated digital information, WeeGo is the app to break away from it all.

As Hong Kong’s newest recommendation platform and online community, WeeGo simplifies the way you search, offering curated guides and recommendations for all sorts of attractions and activities, drawn up by real-life explorers all around the city. 

Showing the corresponding locations directly on a geotagged map, you can easily save the best recommendations and link it to your exact spot. Changing how you browse, bookmark, and share, here are a few things to look forward to experiencing on WeeGo.

Photo: Yang Deng (via Unsplash)

You get to decide what’s cool

Presenting a shift away from how we get most of our recommendations on the Internet these days—with most platforms prioritizing clicks over giving worthy highlights—WeeGo has been design to make way for modern explorers who want to take that extra step. Each time you boot up WeeGo, the app is all about what you want to see. On WeeGo, you can both save pins written up by other experts, as well as share notes of your own.

Aside from overviews compiled by the people about town (us included), you can also break out your influence by publishing special hacks or secret finds you have uncovered. Signing up early also means bragging rights to being the brains behind the first batch of locations added to the WeeGo platform. Get started now on sharing your favourite spots!

Photo: WeeGo

No bots, no cuts

Compiled by real people and personalised just for you, tap into your feed knowing that all of the information shown has been curated for quality. New ideas that get presented on WeeGo have been sourced by the app to branch off from your individual interests, cutting straight to more personable results that hit the nail right on the head.

Photo: WeeGo

All in one place

See all your handpicked curations in one place on the content feed, which leads you directly to what you are searching for without all the fuss. WeeGo streamlines your saved content into a centralised interface, linking comprehensive guides you’ve bookmarked straight to geotagged locations that you can venture out to visit for yourself. So, where to today?

Photo: WeeGo

Talk that talk

Searching on WeeGo also comes with the function to start discussions. Create groups to connect with the communities that care about the same things as you do. Offering a space for anyone to ask questions, WeeGo gives everyone a platform to share their first-hand know-how and engage with each other by doling out tried-and-tested advice in real time. Letting the crowd decide on what’s worth seeking out and what’s in demand through an upvoting system, WeeGo users become the ones taking charge of their searches.

Photo: Tamas Tuzes-Katai (via Unsplash) and WeeGo

An itinerary of your own

Organising your bookmarks is simple and intuitive, allowing your pinned locations to easily be transformed into into full-fledged travel itineraries to accompany you on the go. Whether you are leaving tomorrow or drafting up a bucket list for future times, WeeGo makes it easy to organise your travel inspiration and seek out practical tips on how to best enjoy your time away from home.

Ready to show the world your insider knowledge of Hong Kong? Click here to join WeeGo and redefine the city through your own fresh perspective!


WeeGo is a platform to save, share, and explore your passions. Sidestepping the excess of repeat recommendations and oversaturated discussion forums, WeeGo streamlines your options to curate a personalised collection of ideas and inspiration to share with like-minded communities.