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Experiences platform Mylocals is our new favourite way to explore the city

By Localiiz Branded | 12 November 2021

Travelling to other places is fun, but have you tried being a tourist in your own town? With all the travel restrictions in place, domestic travelling has become the only viable option for intrepid explorers. Even if you’ve been living here for all your life, there are always new things to see, do, and try—if you know where to look. Experience the hidden and lesser-known side of Hong Kong by going on adventures offered by Mylocals, a newly launched platform that gathers purveyors of unique experiences all in one place.

Mylocals is a marketplace for locals to book niche tours and workshops hosted by local enthusiasts and agencies, with a strong focus on culture and tradition. “We wanted to create travel experiences that can work within the new framework shaped by the pandemic—a new form of travelling that can be done domestically but still exhibits a global appeal,” Julian Leung, general manager of Mylocals, told Localiiz. “We want to offer experiences for the first-time traveller as well as repeat visitors and locals. With the pandemic, any travel time is precious, so why not make it worthwhile and explore deeper?”

Try your hand at dying arts such as neon sign making and minibus sign calligraphy, learning from craftsmen who have been steadfastly honing their craft for decades. You can also take a walk on the wild side and take a leap of faith with a licensed paragliding instructor for an aerial view of Hong Kong’s meandering coastline and undulating hills. Whether you are a craft beer enthusiast or a history buff, there’s something for everyone.

Some of the more unique options include outdoor adventures with dog lovers and their furry companions, hosted by Exploring Dogs, which offers guided day trips to various outlying islands around Hong Kong, where participants can clamber over rocks and splash around with dogs. Another interesting choice would be a cemetery tour, where your private guide will take you through several historical burial sites and the stories surrounding it, spooky and otherwise. You can also explore hidden gems in one of Hong Kong’s oldest and most populated districts for an immersive experience of the nitty-gritty of this glamorous city.

There are over 90 experiences and private tours currently available for booking on the Mylocals platform, with dozens more expected to come online in the coming months. You can book an experience, which are workshops led by passionate individuals, or a private tour, which is led by licensed tour guides or agencies. 

Once everything is confirmed, all you need to prepare is how much to enjoy yourselves. Check out all the tours here, and sign up for an adventure! Mylocals is also looking to expand across Southeast East, so if you are a passionate individual with a skill or hobby you would like to share with others, sign up to be a host here.


Mylocals is an experience platform that empowers locals to market unique experiences in their home city. With a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows tour guides to share their passions with a global audience, Mylocals helps to connect explorers with locally curated experiences. Book a tour today!