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“Hong Kong Tram Green” is now an official Pantone colour!

By Shania Siu 27 July 2021

Header image courtesy of Hong Kong Tramways

Pantone has officially made the recognisable shade of deep green that adorns Hong Kong’s trams into a signature colour—“HK Tram Green.” Paying homage to the tram’s long-running significance to Hong Kong’s history and culture, the familiar, grassy colour will be included as part of a six-colour collection curated from the Pantone Color System!

Hong Kong Tramways (HKT) plans to collaborate with home and lifestyle retailer ISSHO46 for the release of the “HK Collection,” featuring six colours inspired by our vibrant and lively city. Inspiration for the collection ranges from the quintessential tram, local landmarks, and other cultural icons. In commemoration of Pantone’s recognition of Hong Kong’s trams, the exclusive collection will include a t-shirt and a cup and coaster set.

HKT and Pantone have also released the colour keys for this verdant, lush green, bringing out their core message and aims: sustainability; innovative mindset and open-mindedness; lively, refreshing, natural, and fertile; and calming, comforting, balanced, and harmonious. Not bad for a colour that has distinguished Hong Kong’s self-built double-decker trams since the 1940s, born out of necessity from the leftover dark green paints of wartime!

Marking this momentous occasion, there will also be a pop-up event, a featured tram wrap, and free giveaways, so follow Hong Kong Tramways’ social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) for updates and further details.

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