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Hong Kong’s Peak Tram returns this summer with a new look!

By Alisa Chau 7 March 2022

Header image courtesy of Simon Nicol (via Peak Tramways Co. Ltd)

Making a long-awaited return since the retirement of its fifth-generation design last June, the Peak Tram has, at last, unveiled a brand-new look, due to launch in the summer of 2022.

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Photo: Simon Nicol (via Peak Tramways Co. Ltd)

Putting tram to track, the sixth-generation tramcars made their first test run this past weekend on Saturday, 5 March. Repainted in a bespoke shade of “Peak Tram Green,” the newest iteration of this historic transit system pays homage to the funicular railway’s heritage by referencing the gorgeous shade which adorned the third- and fourth-generation trams back in the 1950s up until the 1980s. As for the aesthetic of the tram itself, major classic elements have been preserved in order to let its vibrant history shine through.

Hong Kong’s dazzling new Peak Tram models have been improved with a few exciting upgrades. Up to 210 passengers will be able to journey up to the Peak during each trip, compared to the prior capacity of 120 passengers. Wider doors and step-free access have also been integrated into its features, making rides smoother for individuals with impaired mobility, in addition to offering widened panoramic views of Hong Kong’s iconic cityscape.

Expected to launch by summer 2022, the full date of the Peak Tram’s launch will be revealed soon. Stay tuned to find out when you can enjoy your first adventure on the sixth-generation Peak Tram, as we will be refreshing this story with new updates.

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