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Unbottle the Party with The Glass Formula

By Sponsored content 23 March 2018
Localiiz's Vanessa Heldner explores The Glass Formula's extensive variety of beverage offerings and gives insight into her top five favourite services — buffet style bar, customised spirits, customised cocktail designs, sparkling mimosa, and juice bars and live bartending stations.

Every Cocktail Has a Story ...

The Glass Formula is a professional and creative beverage concierge for all types of events, private parties, and cocktail receptions. Providing a variety of set-up options as well as customised menus, the company have all the means to make your upcoming event a memorable one. Their services also include one-stop beverage solutions, bar planning, and consultations and on-day bar management and staff. I was lucky enough to have the chance to experience the brilliance of five different set-ups, which provide customers with a tailored service for every occasion. Take a look at my personal favourites below. And did I mention — delivery, set-up, and dismantling are included for all areas in Hong Kong?

1. Buffet Style Cocktail Bar

My personal favourite; the buffet-style bar concept, allows your guests to mix and match according to their own preferences, coming up with exciting new concoctions to share and compare with the crowd! I suggest you try garnishing with the fresh mint and dried rose petals to give your drink an extra kick, and an Instagram-worthy look! The Concept: Pour a glass of cocktail from the taps or create one at the DIY cocktail corner. Add garnishes to decorate your drink and enjoy. The buffet-style service includes full station equipment and standard or themed table decorations, as well as staff and bartenders running the refilling, tidiness, and serving.

2. Customised Cocktail Designs

I dropped by the Chai Wan workshop to customise my very own cocktail design. Similar to the buffet-style bar, you can mix and match according to your liking, but with professional guidance and consultation services to help you find your perfect drink! The Concept: Design the entire look and taste of your cocktail down to the name and presentation, then wow your party guests with your signature drink. Through professional guidance and consultation services, you will be able to experiment with different ingredients to create the perfect cocktail for your event which is truly your own. Once the recipe has been perfected, serve your concoction on tap and mix and match this service with elements from The Glass Formula's buffet-style cocktail bar (above) for an extra personalised touch.

3. Customised Spirits Bar

Considering I am not a seasoned liquor connoisseur, the customised spirits bar definitely made it a little easier to customise my go-to spirit. A little bit of tequila waiting to be infused with special flavours and garnishes very quickly lead to an irresistible concoction! The Concept: Select and enjoy a customised spirit of your choice infused with special flavours (neat or paired with a mixer). Add garnishes to add a unique character and flavour. This set-up is perfect for themed parties. Experiment with infusions such as hickory wood-smoked pineapple, earl grey with citrus peel, lime with kaffir leaves, and many more to find a perfect match to your celebratory theme.

4. Sparkling Mimosa Bar

Although I was weary about the mimosa bar, I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh and fruity beverages that could be whipped up with the array of fresh juice and cold wine options, accompanied by the wide range of garnishes. The Concept: Guests will be able to experiment with an array of fresh juices and cold sparkling wines with buffet-style garnishes and whip up the perfect concoction. First select your preferred juices, then pour in the bubbles and add garnishes to decorate your personal mimosa.

5. Live Bartending Stations 

Last but not least, I had the pleasure to experience a Glass Formula live bartending station more than three times now. Each time has been perfectly tailored to the occasion, and the service never ceases to impress! The Concept: Allow your guests to be pampered with a gastronomic bar experience at your event. From smoked margaritas to color changing mojitos, the options are truly endless. With a fully customised menu, you can surprise your guests with unique cocktails made right in front of their eyes.
If you're looking to add a little bit of extra spice and character to your event, I can highly recommend that The Glass Formula is a go-to for you!

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