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6 things to expect when staycationing aboard Spectrum of the Seas

By Localiiz Branded | 24 September 2021

Header image courtesy of Royal Caribbean Cruises Hong Kong Limited

As we approach the second-year mark of the Covid-19 pandemic, life has continued to adapt to the new ways of the world. If continued social distancing measures and border lockdowns have burnt a travel-shaped hole in your chest, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel that burns just for you, and it is presented in the form of an all-new “cruisecation.”

Brought to Asia by Royal Caribbean International, Spectrum of the Seas is the region’s biggest and all-new vessel, gleaming in its gigantic glory. Jam-packed with unmatched excitement, top-tier facilities, an assortment of various entertainment, and more, it’s the perfect holiday escape for anybody and everybody. First setting sail in October, the bustling demand has opened up additional sailings due for December and early January, now open for reservation. Read on to find out more about what fun awaits you aboard.

An unparalleled vessel

Coasting through the waves at 168,000 tonnes, Spectrum of the Seas is Asia’s newest, biggest, and hottest cruise vessel that is full of innovations. Truly an ocean-bound resort, this is the first Quantum Ultra-Class cruise by Royal Caribbean, comprising 16 decks, 2,137 beautifully decorated rooms, and a whole plethora of entertainment and leisure facilities. Beaming with first-rate services and glorious food, a stay on this cruise is unique and unforgettable.

At a maximum occupancy of 5,622 guests, there is a beautiful selection of ocean-view rooms throughout the entire boat, offering stunning panoramas of the gorgeous toiling seas. Consider the awesome Ultimate Family suite, the one duplex on the cruise ship specifically designed for large families. Bordered by an ocean-facing hot tub by the window, it has an area of around 2,000 square feet, inclusive of a thumping 3D surround sound room where the whole family can sing karaoke, play video games, and have an all-around good time with their most beloved. What’s more, there is a colourful slide fitted on the second floor, allowing you to zoom downstairs!

Extra privacy is attainable at the super-exclusive Royal Suite class from the thirteenth to the sixteenth floors, available to Star, Sky, and Sea Class members. Enjoy star treatment reserved for VIPs in the form of a special concierge, entertaining, and the Royal Genie, who is assigned to special arrangements like birthday and anniversary celebrations.

Committed to ensuring guest health and safety from the moment you step onto the ship, Royal Caribbean has a close relationship with Hong Kong’s health and tourism authorities. Sticking to the official anti-epidemic measures, the number of bookings on each sail is limited to a maximum of 50 percent passenger capacity, in addition to carrying out obligatory health checks to only allow crew members and guests who test negative for Covid-19. 

Currently, all who come aboard the Spectrum for the Seas and are above the ages of 16 must be fully vaccinated, a requirement that will grow to include guests above the age of 12 starting from 15 October.

Frequent cleaning, of both private and shared spaces, will be implemented in tandem with limited capacity for dining and other group activities. Details are taken seriously, with the air quality being filtered and cleansed via the HVAC ventilation and conditioning system. Every hour, 20 rounds of air changes happen right under your nose. Now go ahead, take a soothing breath to settle yourself, and get ready to go on an incredible sea-bound adventure!

Get your pulse racing

Bringing innovation and top-of-the-line features to the waters, the gorgeous cruise ship has been kitted out with incredible attractions that have been additionally boosted by technology. Boasting Asia’s first Sky Pad, a hybrid of bungee trampolining and an awe-inducing virtual reality takeoff, dive headfirst into the surreal and dynamic action!

Daredevils will perk up at the sound of the iFly by RipCord® which replicates the intense feel of the wind blowing in your face during mid-air flight. Make lasting memories with once-in-a-lifetime excitement that puts your adrenaline levels on blast, and dazzle your friends and loved ones by sharing these heart-pounding times with them!

Fly even higher by rising up the 300-feet tall North Star—this Guinness World Record-certified “Highest Viewing Deck on a Cruise Ship” makes for breathtaking views of the ocean stretching out from an extravagant aerial of the cruise ship architecture from above. It feels like riding a Ferris wheel but elevated to new heights, with even better views. Watch the world trickle by you in the company of your favourite people from this crystal bubble you can call your own.

Unwind and relax

What goes up must come down, so if all that dynamic movement has you feeling in need of a recharge, or if you simply want to skip straight ahead to the rest and relaxation, head over to the on-ship Vitality Spa. Lay back and indulge in the massages and beauty treatments that keep on rolling, like the azure waves from outside the window.

Catch a bit of warmth in the sun or gaze up at the stars on the adult-only lounge deck up top, and order a cocktail from a cutesy robot bartender deployed from the Bionic Bar. Whether you want to sip on a classic choice like a Manhattan or go wild and request a crafted drink to amp your vibes, no order is too tall for these electronic helping hands.

Fun for the whole family

Everyone in the family, no matter how big or small, deserves a vacation that’s out of this world. The wonderland aboard Spectrum of the Seas shows a grand range of facilities geared to children of all ages. Headlining is Seaplex, the biggest indoor active space at sea that includes a selection of sports due to give the little ones great big bursts of joy.

Whether if they are speeding down the first-ever ocean-top bumper car track or releasing their inner Olympian practising archery, table tennis, and basketball, there are tons of things to try out. Several of the activities are accompanied by a professional coach who is on-site to encourage and guide the kids.

If being surrounded by rolling blue waves has the children wanting to take a swim, Splashaway Bay is a vibrant paradise that allows them to dive right in. Equipped with a colourful waterslide, fountains, pools, and lively water cannons to match, there is no better way to beat the blazing sun while keeping energised.

Family entertainment is at the heart of the Royal Caribbean experience, culminating in the ultimate space for letting imaginations run wild. A multi-sensory production, Adventure Ocean presents a roster of different activities, allowing everyone from toddlers to teens to have hands-on interactions and nurture their potential through play. From intriguing science experiments to immersive theatre shows, this voyage is one that steers beyond just the ocean.

A show of a lifetime

Uniquely combining scenes of nature with technology, Two70 hosts rousing original shows built from thrilling aerial acrobatics and musical performances set amongst surrealistic multimedia installations. Starting the day as a grand floor-to-ceiling portal to the ocean outside, by sundown, the robot screen evolves into an exciting theatre of Vistarama HD screens of the highest resolution. As the crowd goes quiet and the spotlight sparks, soak in the atmosphere of the multi-sensory, techno-inspired performance that is sure to blaze vivid memories to last you a lifetime.

Gourmet dining with sea views

Taste the whole world on the Spectrum of the Seas! With up to 19 different speciality dining spots featuring an international array of cuisines, you are guaranteed to find all of your favourite dishes in one place. Any occasion can be made even more special with the delectable choices on offer, and families will be delighted by Splashaway Café, which complements its child- and elderly-friendly menu with an inviting environment.

For date night, enjoy the classically romantic Chops Grille American steakhouse. Teppanyaki and its sizzling plates are sure to add to the buzzing ambience, whilst the stunning oceanic views at Two70 Café are bound to set a vibey mood. Add a bit of spice with the numbing flames at Sichuan Red, which serves up authentic Sichuan fare and hot pot.

In anticipation of the official Royal Caribbean re-launch at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in October, sailings for October and November are open and ready for your reservation. Sessions due for December and early January 2022 are also available with the option of two- to four-night sailings, starting at $1,945 per guest. Use your Visa credit card or The Club members can grab an extra five percent discount between now and 31 October.

Make your booking before then and enjoy the flexibility from the Cruise with Confidence programme, which allows changes and cancellations up to 48 hours before setting sail. Under this agreement, acceptable cancellations can be converted into Future Cruise Credit to be replaced for bookings on or before 30 April 2022 to reserve sailings departing before 30 September 2022. Find out more and get your name on the list at the Royal Caribbean site.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Hong Kong Limited

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