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Hoi An, Vietnam: Best beaches to visit

By Faye Bradley 25 August 2020

Header images courtesy of Edward Zhao (via Unsplash) and Milosz_M (via Shutterstock)

Vietnam’s central coast is home to some of the best sandy beaches in the country. Hoi An is about 30 kilometres away from Da Nang and is best known for its historical monuments, ancient villages, and well-preserved architecture. 

Although the city may be famed for its cultural sites, its beaches are just as noteworthy. What’s more, its abundance of beachside hotels makes it ever so easy to access the sea from your doorstep. Escape the downtown humidity and slab on some tanning oil for a day out at one (or more) of Hoi An’s best beaches.

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When to go

Summer months bring scorchingly sunny days, especially during the peak of the season from June to August. The best time to go if you’re heading there for summer is early morning or late afternoon to avoid the harsh weather. If you’re able to, visit between March and June when the weather is most pleasant and the sea is at its calmest.

An Bang Beach

Hoi An’s most popular beach, An Bang, is located at the end of the main road out of Hoi An, and brings entertainment, dining, and beach, all in one venue. It gets very busy in the late afternoon, so it’s best to go in the early morning to relax fully.

Accessible by bike or taxi, An Bang Beach remains pristine, unspoiled by tourism, and rated number 22 out of 25 of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia in 2018. Sun-baskers can go sightseeing, walking, and biking along the coast, read a book whilst laying on the warm sand, or surf the waves (board rentals are available on-site). Try the glorious seafood at one of the beach-facing restaurants, from Banyan Beach Bar to Soul Kitchen.

An Bang Beach, Đ. Hai Bà Trưng, Tp. Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

V. Binh Minh Beach

Deemed as the best spot to watch the sunset, V. Binh Minh Beach is 12 kilometres away from Hoi An’s Quang Nam Province, accessible by motorbike or taxi. The peaceful beach stretches over three kilometres, and, as its name in Vietnamese suggests, is the place to be whilst watching the stunning sunset.

Listen to the gentle sounds of the rolling waves and take a dip in if you bring your swimmers. We recommend buying a pineapple and lounging on one of the deckchairs sitting on the beachfront, for a soothing day out. The place is famed for its squid—probably thanks to the local fishermen living nearby.

V. Binh Minh Beach, Thăng Bình District, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

Cua Dai Beach

Perched on the conversion of three rivers—Thu Bon, Truong Giang and De Vong—Cua Dai Beach is Hoi An’s most well-known beach. With its white sand stretches and tropical coconut trees, the area is home to a range of seafront hotels and resorts, yet retains its peaceful environment. Visitors partake in watersports, canoeing, tanning, walking, and simply enjoying the pristine waters. There’s even the option to bike between Hoi An and Cua Dai beach (five kilometres), which is a great way to explore the surrounding Vietnamese treasures.

Cua Dai Beach, Cẩm An, Hội An, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

Ha My Beach

Between Da Nang City and Hoi An ancient town, Ha My Beach sits on the coastal road, six kilometres from the famed Marble Mountain. Listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, the beach is surprisingly underrated and retains an untouched beauty. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, and just a place to read a good book on the sand, this is the place to be.

Ha My Beach, Điện Dương, Điện Bàn, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

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Chàm Islands

Take an island getaway to the Chàm Islands, accessible via a 20-minute canoe ride from Cua Dai wharf. If you’re feeling a little lazy, there’s also the wooden boat option from Bach Dang wharf (at 8am). Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted with the alluring beaches, crystal clear water, and shady palm trees. Many flock here to dive and observe the stunning coral reef and its waters.

Chàm Islands, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

Tam Thanh Beach

Known as the village of murals, Tam Thanh Village houses its namesake beach and is ideal for a day trip. Dotted with sandy deserted beaches surrounding the village, Tam Thanh is a go-to for calming solitude.

Tam Thanh Beach, Tam Ky, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

Hidden Beach

Although it’s not so hidden anymore, there’s a small beach located between Cua Dai Beach and An Bang Beach, part of the Hidden Beach Restaurant. The venue is accessible by motorbike or bicycle and is the perfect place to retreat with a drink (and snacks), whether you’re craving western or Vietnamese cuisine. There’s even a small spa if you’re looking for a bit of self-pampering.

Hidden Beach, Hội An, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

Coconut Beach

The intimate Coconut Beach is situated north of Cua Dai Beach, between Tropical Beach Resort, and Boutique Hoi An Resort. There aren’t many activities to do here—it’s more of a hidden gem for a quiet respite from the crowds.

Coconut Beach, Cẩm An, Hội An, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

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