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Australia: 4 immersive nature experiences to explore

By Localiiz Branded | 2 March 2022

Header images courtesy of Kakadu Tourism and Tourism Australia

Give in to your senses and let the unique sights and sounds of Australia guide you along on your journey into the multifaceted natural treasures of the Outback Nation. Join us as we venture into the bountiful experiences that highlight these sensory experiences and present to you the very best and most iconic facets of Australia’s natural surroundings.


Live in the trees of the Daintree Rainforest

Situated in an expanse of rainforest with fringes that extend to the World Heritage-listed Daintree National Park, the tranquil Silky Oaks Lodge is one of the most picturesque resorts in Queensland. Swathed in the sights and sounds of the surrounding native wildlife with sweeping panoramas of the Mossman River, guests are able to relax in the heart of the forest in first-class treehouses and enjoy a meal at the luxurious open-air restaurant that overlooks the river, while tropical birds croon their songs over the babbling waters.

What’s more, bespoke experiences and tours are also offered for lodgers, including thrilling guided hikes through the rainforest, Indigenous-led adventures into the forest and Mossman Gorge, as well as river snorkelling, in addition to the more unconventional luxury helicopter or yacht trip to the Great Barrier Reef, where unparalleled sights and sounds await.


Go on a sunrise cruise at Yellow Water Billabong

Weaving its way through the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory, Yellow Water Billabong is your portal to experiencing the calls of the resident bird species in the region. Hop on one of the daily Yellow Water Sunrise Cruises to get up close and personal with crocodiles in their natural environment, grazing water buffalos, and a variety of birds like whistling ducks, magpie geese, eagles, jabirus, and the fascinating dancing brolgas.

Operating all year round, with six 90- or 120-minute sessions per day, this bespoke tour shuttles you around the wonders of wildlife in the area that drift around and shift each season. For an especially magical time, book in a sunrise or sunset trip, and be sure to make your reservation in advance as they are ragingly popular.

Photo: Tourism Australia

Admire the southern lights

When the nights draw out longer and the temperature dips, the skies of the Southern Hemisphere are aglow with the vivid streaks of the southern lights. Known as the aurora Australis, these illuminated trails of vibrant greens, blues, purples, and reds are the Australian counterpart to the world-famous northern lights.

Appearing most commonly during Aussie winter between the months of May to August, and re-emerging for the spring equinox again in September, this fantastic sight is a phenomenon best enjoyed in the southernmost state of Tasmania. Make your way to Cradle Mountain in Lake St Clair National Park to admire the beams under low-light environs.


Immerse yourself in the Sounds of Silence

Putting a fresh spin on a distinct dining experience alongside elements evocative of an Aboriginal walkabout, the Sounds of Silence is an immersive four-hour tour that takes you to grand heights overlooking the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Commencing off the dunes of the Red Centre to the stunning hues of a golden sunset, the meal provides you with authentic outback canapés and a curated three-course meal of bush tucker-inspired fare. Absorb the out-of-this-world views of the planets and galaxies across the Milky Way, picking out the Southern Cross and zodiac stars under the keen eyes of your assigned guide as the sounds of a didgeridoo performance set you off into the evening.

Afterwards, pay a visit to Bruce Munro’s whimsical Field of Light installation, spun out of over 50,000 solar-powered stems affixed to spiralling drops of light. Made using glass spheres, the night air of the red desert is filled with ever-shifting colours that range from violet and ochre to blue and white, resulting in a fantastical and breathtaking sight.

Without having to wait until stepping foot onto its shores, Tourism Australia’s new “Tune Into Aus” campaign presents a cutting-edge video that channels the dazzling beauty of Aussie sights and sounds through innovative 8D audio and hypnotic on-screen visuals. Put on your headphones and let the beauty of Australia’s natural landscapes wash over you.

Tourism Australia

World-renowned for its vibrant natural beauty, Australia is brimming with unique experiences to be enjoyed amongst picturesque landscapes. Rich with multifaceted history and culture as well, there is plenty to soak up and become immersed in. Indulge in the best the nation has to offer, and take a trip down under that you will not forget.