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Siargao, Philippines: 3 stunning islands to visit

By Mariel Abanes 6 January 2022

Header images courtesy of Alejandro Luengo (via Unsplash)

When one hears about Siargao in the Philippines, the first thing that comes to mind is surfing—its world-class waves are sought after not just by local surfers, but foreigners, too. This burgeoning travel destination has more to offer than just big coils to ride in, as the island also boasts of exciting island-hopping adventures. With pristine shores and coconut tree-filled landscapes, the nearby isles each carry a type of beauty distinct from others.

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Feel the fine sand between your feet, relax by a swing or a native hut, quench your tropical thirst with a cool, refreshing shake, or just stare at the ocean’s several hues of blue—do these and more in Guyam, Daku, and Naked islands. Renting a boat for the day to visit these three islands will set you back at around US$20 to US$40, which is totally worth the price. Add a few more bucks to your budget and you will get to enjoy a feast of fresh seafood, too.

Guyam Island

A tree-covered island with fine white sand and a surrounding rocky reef, the charm of Guyam Island is its bare beauty. Rustic tables and swings add a relaxed vibe to your profound solitude as you enjoy pretty much the whole area to yourself. It’s the smallest of the three islands, and you can go from one end to another in just a quarter of an hour!

Daku Island

Daku Island is the biggest amongst the island-hopping spots you will stop by. Visitors can take a dip in the crystalline waters, rent snorkelling gear and explore the underwater, try kayaking, or go on a surf sesh. This area is also a popular destination for lunch-goers, where you can buy today’s fresh catch and have the locals cook it for you. Nothing beats devouring local delicacies with some buko (coconut) juice while you revel in the jaw-dropping view.

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By Mariel Abanes 28 October 2020

Naked Island

It’s called Naked Island for a reason, but not the reason you are thinking of. Naked Island is a sandbar where you can take endless selfies with the crystal-clear sea as your backdrop. Stretching 200 metres long, you will easily be able to find your perfect spot despite the crowds, as well as swim to your heart’s content in the surrounding waters. Naked Island is a beautiful spot to witness the Siargao sunset, too, if you are willing to stay and wait for the horizons to turn orange and purple to cap off an exhilarating day.

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Mariel Abanes


Mariel Abanes is a writer/editor from Manila who constantly finds herself packing her bags and exploring places in and outside her country. Apart from juggling her day job and planning out her next itinerary, she spends time immersing in the indie music scene, finding the next great read, and hopping from one social or cultural gathering to the next.