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Jaipur, India: A street food guide

By Kriti Gandhi 1 December 2020

Header image courtesy of Tiago Rosado (via Unsplash)

Jaipur, Rajasthan’s capital, is the city of forts, palaces, and rich heritage. Apart from all its famous attributes, the “Pink City” also happens to be the culinary epicentre of Rajasthani food. The best way to experience Jaipur is through its famous street food. Savouring the street food here is more than just tasting the local cuisine—rather, it’s a cultural experience unlike any other. Here’s a guide to experiencing the best delicacies the streets of Jaipur has to offer, from where to go to what to look out for. 

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Johri Bazaar

If you're looking for an appetising, yet fulfilling, street food experience in Jaipur, look no further than Johri Bazaar. Arguably the most visited and well-known area in Jaipur, Johri Bazaar is said to be the oldest market in the city. The bazaar’s rustic architecture, once painted pink—now faded to a terracotta orange after centuries of establishment, culture, and tradition—is the reason why Jaipur is known as the “Pink City.” Famous for its chic and exquisite jewellery, Johri Bazaar also offers a wide variety of street food. 

Dating back to the 1720s, Laxmi Misthan Bhandar (LMB) is said to have the best sweets in downtown Jaipur. Popular amongst visitors, the sweet shop serves authentic Rajasthani cuisine. Make sure to try LMB’s famous signature sweet dish, paneer ghewar (पनीर घेवर)—a traditional disc-shaped Rajasthani dessert made from all-purpose flour, paneer cheese, and soaked in sugar syrup.

Photo credit: Chaat (via Sunset Magazine)

Outside Hawa Mahal (हवामहल), there is a whole new world of cheap and delicious street food. From masala chai (मसाला चाय) and pakoras (पकोड़े) to bhel (भेल) and chana jor garam (चना जोर गरम), the street food stalls outside Hawa Mahal have it all. With the convenient location of these street food stalls adjacent to the Hawa Mahal, you can devour tasty street food whilst also exploring Rajasthani culture—two birds, one stone!

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By Manasee Joshi 2 September 2020

MI Road

Mirza Ismail Road, locally known as MI Road, was designed such that all major roads eventually lead to it, making it the city centre. Located at the heart of Jaipur city, MI Road is home to some of the city’s more iconic street foods.

Lassi (लस्सी) at Lassiwala is easily the most popular drink amongst locals and foreigners in Jaipur. Established in 1944, Lassiwala serves authentic Rajasthani lassi—a traditional yoghurt-based drink. The lassi is topped with a thick layer of malai (मलाई)—a type of clotted cream—that leaves customers refreshed and surprisingly full. Lassiwala is also adored by many high-profile Bollywood celebrities, making it one of Jaipur’s staple street foods. Be sure to visit early as they tend to run out of lassi by two in the afternoon every day!

Falahaar at Saraogi Mansion serves the city’s best shrikhand (श्रीखंड)—a Rajasthani sweet dish made of strained yoghurt. Popular amongst the vegetarians in Jaipur, Falahaar is commonly classified as food that is also appropriate for fasting—don’t let that fool you though, the food here is just as delicious, if not more!

In close proximity to MI Road, the Kulfi Falooda (कुल्फी फलौदा) is a classic dessert. Resembling ice cream, kulfi with sweet falooda noodles is an extremely popular street and party food in Jaipur. If you’re keen on trying this tasty Indian dessert, shop number 28 on Link Road at Bapu Bazaar is best-known for its kulfi falooda.

Lastly, paan (पान), the most unique item on the list, is a popular Indian after-dinner treat, generally made of betel leaf and filled with betel nut and slaked lime. Jaipur is known to have a large variety of paans, ranging from classics like the meetha (मीठा; sweet) paan to ice cream-flavoured paans, paan vendors at MI Road (in front of Yadgar Police station) have the best selection in the city.

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By Scott Dunn 12 September 2020

Statue Circle

Amongst Jaipur’s famous tourist spots, Statue Circle is a popular hang-out spot in the Pink City. The attractive ambience of the location offers a perfect place to hang around whilst also enjoying Jaipur’s street food.

Famous among Jaipur’s youth, the Statue Circle Coffee Corner serves the best coffee in the city. The coffee shop has been around for decades and has the right atmosphere to go along with the beverages. Their cold coffee is exceptionally crafted with the perfect blend of chocolate chips, whipped cream, and coffee—a must try!

In addition to the coffee, Statue Circle is well-known for its savoury street foods as well. From papdi chaats (पापड़ी चाट) to tikki chaats (टिक्की चाट), Statue Circle has everything in between. The large variety of street food is what makes the location so popular with the local community, and increasingly with in-the-know visitors.

Station Road

Not as popular as the other locations, Station Road is situated in the more local, and less touristy, part of Jaipur. If you’re looking for genuine Rajasthani street food, Station Road is home to the best Rajasthani delicacies in Jaipur.

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By Sandy Bornstein 12 February 2020
By Akanksha Singh 24 January 2020

Kachori (कचौड़ी)—a spicy deep-fried snack with various choices for fillings—is a true Rajasthani delight and one of Jaipur’s many specialities. Rawat Mishthan Bhandar, on Station Road, is said to have the best kachoris in the city. The all-time classic pyaaz (प्याज; onion) kachori from Rawat’s is a must-try when it comes to street food in Jaipur. Apart from that, Rawat’s also serves more than 50 varieties of sweets—perfect to pair with a crisp spicy kachori.

A true Jaipur street food experience is incomplete without Rajasthani thalis (राजस्थानी थालिस). The Rajasthani thali is not your stereotypical Indian street food—it is a combination of a wide variety of traditional Rajasthani food served on a platter. Made to share, the thali is a true embodiment of Rajasthani culture and its homely values. Perfect to share with loved ones, the Rajasthani thali allows you to uniquely experience Rajasthan on a single plate.

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