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Macau, China: Best fine-dining restaurants

By Faye Bradley 8 December 2020

Header image courtesy of Joel Robuchon

Travellers tend to think of Hong Kong as the dining hotspot, but Macau isn't too far behind. The region is home to a diverse range of five-star delights, including five-star hotel restaurants and Michelin-starred hidden gems. Only a short ferry ride away from Hong Kong, Macau is a one-stop destination for culture and culinary delights. Here are some of the best luxury restaurants to try in Macau to sate your palate.

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Robuchon au Dôme

Another one of Joël Robuchon’s genius creations—the mastermind named as “Chef of the Century”—Robuchon au Dôme helped jumpstart Macau’s fine dining scene back in 2001. Perched atop the Grand Lisboa Hotel, the three-Michelin-starred restaurant boasts an elegant vaulted glass dome which showcases sweeping views of the city. Guests can indulge in the fine French cuisine, paired with top-of-the-range selections of wine—a venue which holds the title of the most extensive collection in the whole of Asia. If you’re stuck for wine options, ask the in-house sommelier who specialises in the art. For dessert? A traditional dessert trolley, of course.

Robuchon au Dôme, Hôtel Lisboa, 3/F, Lisboa Tower, 2-4 Avenida de Lisboa - Macau, 43/F, Grand Lisboa | (+853) 8803 7878

Lai Heen

Perched on the 51st floor of The Ritz Carlton, Macau, Lai Heen is a Michelin-starred restaurant which tingles all the senses. Serving innovative Cantonese fare, in an art-decked-out space, the restaurant boasts a dreamlike ambience thanks to its impressive hand-carvings and elegant private rooms. Paying tribute to the vibrant Macanese spirit, the menu is curated by Chef Jackie, serving specialities including bird’s nest and seafood dishes.

Lai Heen, 51/F, The Ritz-Carlton Macau, Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Macao | (+853) 8886 6712

The Eight

As one of Macau’s trio of three-Michelin starred restaurants, The Eight is a spectacular culinary adventure located on the second floor of the luxurious Grand Lisboa hotel. Specialising in Cantonese and Huaiyang cuisine, the restaurant is decked in lavish interiors using traditional Chinese elements inspired by the goldfish and the namesake number eight. Designed by Alan Chan, the space feels welcoming yet grand, thanks to its spherical chandelier centrepiece. There are over 50 dim sum dishes to choose from—gourmands’ eyes are sure to light up at the thought. Some quirky-cute dishes include the goldfish-shaped shrimp dumplings, and the porcupine-shaped cha siu bao, to name a few.

The Eight, Grand Lisboa, Avenue de Lisboa, Macao | (+853) 8803 7788

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By Faye Bradley 8 December 2020

Sichuan Moon

Taking the complexity of authentic Sichuan cuisine to new heights, Sichuan Moon is helmed by internationally-renowned Chef André Chiang, after a culinary stint in Singapore. Accumulating years of expertise in the cuisine, Chiang’s opening showcases the exclusive selection in all its glory in an exquisitely-decorated venue. Everything is meticulously crafted to the smallest detail, making the full experience a multilayered sensory experience to develop a richer, deeper understanding of the dishes we thought we once knew.

Sichuan Moon, Wynn Palace, Avenue da Nave Desportiva, Macao | (+853) 8889 3663

Golden Flower

Celebrating the rich history and traditions of China, Golden Flower is nestled within Wynn Macau, a highly-acclaimed two-star Michelin restaurant with a reputation to live up to. The restaurant serves signature dishes including its braised Yoshihama abalone in brown sauce and the stewed fish maw with crab claw. Helmed by Chef Liu, an industry veteran with decades of experience, the restaurant serves Tan cuisine in a courtyard-inspired space. Indulge in the eight-course tasting menu to try the best of what Golden Flower has to offer.

Golden Flower, Wynn Macau, R. Cidade de Sintra, Macao | (+853) 8986 3663

Wing Lei Chinese Restaurant

Your experience at Wynn Macau’s Michelin-starred Wing Lei Chinese Restaurant begins at the stunning entrance, which is decked in giant Swarvoski crystal dragon scales on vibrant red walls. With floor-to-ceiling windows framing views of the city, the restaurant offers more than its intriguing aesthetics—the restaurant is most famous for its scrumptious dim sum dishes, including the shrimp rolls and baked abalone puffs. Try Executive Chef Peter Chan’s signature set menu for a little bit of everything.

Wing Lei Chinese Restaurant, Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, Macao | (+853) 8986 3663

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