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Mostar, Bosnia: A history junkie’s guide

By Rosamond Chung 17 November 2020

Being one of the most visited places in Bosnia, Mostar is famous for having amazing natural beauty, Ottoman architecture, and for also being a UNESCO World Heritage site. Not so long ago in the 1990s, a civil war destroyed much of Bosnia. Mostar, in particular, was reduced to practically rubble. Fortunately, much of it was rebuilt after the war ended in 1995, as monuments to peace and to represent the reconciliation of the country. Here are the top places in Mostar to visit to catch a glimpse of history, and to learn about the city’s storied past. 

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Photo Credit: Kenneth Sonntag (Via Unsplash)

Mostar Bridge (Стари Мост/Stari Most)

Mostar Bridge is a prime example of Islamic architecture and engineering—originally built in the sixteenth century by the Ottomans, the bridge crosses over the Neretva River and is in the heart of the historic old town. It is a symbol of peace and national reconciliation. However, the current bridge is not the original. During the civil war, the bridge was destroyed by Croat forces. When the war ended, the government decided to rebuild the bridge with the exact specifications of the original. The day the bridge opened, nine young men jumped off to celebrate the reopening, which has since turned into a yearly tradition. Now an official heritage site, the bridge is usually flooded with visitors.

Mostar Bridge, Stari Most, Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo Credit: Pika Zvan (Via Unsplash)

The Old Bazaar (Old Bazar Kujundziluk/Čaršija/Baščaršija)

In the heart of Mostar is the Old Bazaar, where you can find eastern-influenced items like rugs, painted plates, copper items, and other trinkets. Due to the Ottoman influence, this market holds a lot of historical significance—one being that the market is split by the Mostar bridge due to the separation of the Bosniak and Croat ethnic groups. This market is now a place where both locals and tourists come to enjoy shopping, eating, and to take photos of the beautiful Mostar bridge.

Old Bazaar, Mala Tepa, Mostar 88000, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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By Rosamond Chung 12 November 2020
By Fashila Kanakka 3 November 2020
Photo Credit: Chronis Yan (Via Unsplash)

Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque (Коски Мехмед-пашина џамија/Koski Mehmed-pašina džamija)

Built on the river banks of the Neretva in 1617, this is the largest construction of classical Ottoman architecture in the country. The mosque has a dome, courtyard, and minaret—this is the perfect place for those interested in Eastern architecture. For amazing pictures, walk up the narrow minaret to see one of the best views of Mostar.

Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque, Mala Tepa 16, Mostar 80807, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Photo Credit: Emir Grabovica (Via Pinterest)

Muslibegovic House (Муслибеговићева кућа/Muslibegovićeva kuća)

This Ottoman-influenced national monument dates back to the 18th century when the Muslibegovic family (a noble lineage family) moved into this beautiful house. The interior decked out in traditional Bosnian-Ottoman furniture, a vibe that extends to it's facade—the exterior is also very eastern-influenced. Nowadays it is a museum and hotel—with 12 luxurious bedrooms to stay in, this is the perfect place to travel back in time.

Muslibegovic House, Osmana Džikića 41, Mostar 88000, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Pocitelj (Поцитељ/Pocitelj/Počitelj)

Located on the left bank of Neretva and south of Mostar, this little hillside village has spectacular views of the village and river. Once an administrative and government centre, this little village had a lot of strategic advantages due to its higher elevation. Once the Austro-Hungarians began to rule, the village lost its importance—which is why the village was able to keep its original form without any change.

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Growing up in Hong Kong, Rosamond is a recent high school graduate who is in the middle of her gap year. She has always been interested in capturing little moments and stories in the places she goes to. Whether it’s her love for film photography or her obsession with making playlists, you will always see Roz with a camera around her neck and lo-fi bops playing on her headphones. Follow her adventures on Instagram.