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Melbourne, Australia: 6 best hipster cafés to visit

By Faye Bradley 6 October 2020

Header image courtesy of Easey’s (via Facebook)

Melbourne’s coffee scene is booming. Producing a caffeine culture which is understood and accepted by all, Melbourne has led the region to open up an exciting range of new hipster cafés in every district. Delivering a quality cup is key—says a lot of the baristas—as that is essentially what keeps customers coming back, as part of their regular daily regime. Hit up some of these trendy coffee shops in Melbourne for the perfect hot brew, proven to be worth its hype.

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Patricia Coffee Brewers

If you’re to visit Patricia Coffee Brewers, the first thing you’ll pick up on is the extensive queue outside. The popular coffee joint is sought after for good reason—it knows how to serve quality coffee. When the small space first opened with its stand-only policy, the coffee spot welcomed caffeine enthusiasts to try its roasts, from Bureaux Collective, Seven Seeds, Wood and Co., Small Batch, and Market Lane. Now, they roast their own coffee named the Patricia Blend. Every Thursday, they roast their beans at Bureaux in Abbotsford. To have the freshest coffee available, you can place an order and they can send it to you within two days. Owned and run by two best friends, Bowen and Pip, Patricia Coffee Brewers is named after their respective grandmothers and aims to pay tribute to the amazing women who made a big impact on their lives. 

Patricia Coffee Brewers, 493–495 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Proud Mary Coffee

Founded by a husband-wife duo, Proud Mary first opened its doors back in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia, and now has an outpost in Oregon, USA. The flagship coffee shop offers products and services, which aid a daily regime, providing a morning caffeine fix on the way to work. Dedicated to producing exceptional coffee, Proud Mary supports and represents its coffee producers and communities, by visiting the producers every year, in person. Stop by this well-known hotspot for a dose of the freshest, hot brew.

Proud Mary Coffee, 172 Oxford Street, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia | (+61) 3 9417 5930

Friends of Mine

Celebrate the art of brunch and coffee with Friends of Mine—a chic, sociable atmosphere for caffeine lovers. Head here any time of the day—its all-day breakfast option offers an excuse to sleep in on a lazy Sunday. Boasting a photo-worthy appeal, the restaurant and café is a regular go-to and is worth grabbing a table and spending the afternoon there. Grab an outdoor seat if you can!

Friends of Mine, 506 Swan Street, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia | (+61) 3 9428 7516

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By Nicole Hurip 25 November 2019
By Gwen Luscombe 23 January 2020


Designed with a 1990s burger joint theme, Easey’s keeps things simple with its to-the-point menu. Dishing up the best patties and beers in town, the venue is also known for its fresh coffees. Mornings are for indulgent breakfasts here, with unique dishes including fried chicken with cereal, for example—definitely not something you’ll get to try anywhere else. The restaurant features train carriages on the roof and brown train seats on the inside, thus offering a one-of-a-kind experience, inspired by a nostalgic train journey.

Easey’s, 3/48 Easey Street, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia | (+61) 3 9417 2250

Higher Ground

Taking coffee to the next level, Higher Ground showcases its passion for caffeine in a place of worship. The venue resembles a cathedral, and its coffee menu is full of creative curations. Housed at a heritage-listed power station, the coffee shop features 15-metre-high ceilings and its selection of food ranges from fresh market fish to charcuterie. Waiters are dressed smartly and are happy to accommodate for your every need. Where is the coffee made? Behind the long, stainless-steel bar, of course—come evening and try the cocktails, too.

Higher Ground, 650 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia | (+61) 3 8899 6219

Moby 3143

Named after the owner’s former rescue dog, Moby 3143 is a pet-friendly space and has been brewing coffee since 2016. The converted space is decked in a pink-and-teal colour scheme, by local design firm, Golden. Food highlights include the chilli scrambled eggs and the super crunchy chips, whilst the restaurant brews Five Senses coffee for an aromatic cuppa. Sit back and relax at this sleek, contemporary café.

Moby 3143, 1150 High Street, Armadale VIC 3143, Australia | (+61) 3 9509 2710

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Faye Bradley


Faye Bradley is a freelance writer based in Hong Kong, covering topics in travel, wellness, F&B, and the arts. As the editor and business development executive for Cha Siu Papers Times and Compare Retreats, Faye has experience in writing predominantly about luxury travel and well-being. With a keen eye for finding hidden gems, exploring new destinations, and tasting best-of-the-best cuisines, she continues to pursue her love for writing about travel and visiting remote lands. You can find her by the pool with a good book and a mojito in hand.