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Jakarta, Indonesia: Best cocktail bars

By Umesh Bhagchandani 5 November 2020

Header Image courtesy of Cork & Screw (via Facebook)

As the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta offers plenty of swoon-worthy nightlife joints on par with its cosmopolitan neighbours like Singapore or Bangkok. While new bars are likely to pop up every month, there is still a handful of watering holes that serve not only sexy hangout atmospheres but also crafty libations. Here, we have rounded up the seven bars in Jakarta with cocktail-approved rosters for you to visit.

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Cork & Screw

As the name suggests, Cork & Screw is the haven for artisanal drinks. There are three outlets around Jakarta, with the Plaza Indonesia one being the original, boasting a bistro decor with an expansive bar shelf that surely promises a fun night. Helmed by mixologist Betrin Remilando of Union Group, their signature cocktails are sweet and fruity (Plum & Apple Shrub, Pistachio Lemon Sorbet), while their classic list includes a potent Papa Hemingway and a mean Negroni. Cork & Screw also lives to up the ante by inviting guest mixologists from around the world. Check their social media pages before making your reservations.

Cork & Screw, Plaza Indonesia, Lantai 1, Jl. M. H. Thamrin, Jakarta | (+62) 21 31996659


Nestled on the ground floor of Oakwood Premier Cozmo in Kuningan, the beloved bar still serves the meanest cocktails in town. Drawing inspiration from French bistros in New York City, Loewy’s industrial designs and plush leather sofas are made for long hours of drinking as has been attested to by many Jakartans. From martinis to the Cuban Old Fashioned, Loewy provides a neat list of menu cocktails and exquisite creations on a daily basis, helmed by its mixologist Kiki Moca. For whiskey lovers, opt for Kretek whiskey sour made of blended scotch, Pimento dram, Jerry Thomas Bitters, and lemon juice. The Dark and Stormy gives a nice punch of ginger beer blended with dark rum.

Loewy, Oakwood Premier Cozmo, Jalan Lingkar Mega Kuningan E4.2 No. 1, Jakarta | (+62) 21 25542378

Nautilus Bar

Not every hotel’s bar deserves a visit, but Nautilus in Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta has managed to dispel this notion. The bar’s nautical theme really evokes the feeling that you’re inside an exclusive yacht and about to indulge in bespoke cocktails. Their signature Maluku punch combines dark rum, tequila, and exotic Indonesian spices, while their Batavia-tini is a concoction of London dry gin, grapefruit juice, and Lombok honey syrup. Care to try?

Nautilus Bar, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 18, Jakarta | (+62) 21 22771888

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By Umesh Bhagchandani 18 September 2020
By Manasee Joshi 19 September 2020


During the weekends this eclectic pub is transformed into a boogie wonderland, but if you’re not in partying mood, come on weekdays to sample their wonderful cocktails. Located inside Menara Kuningan, The Safehouse has a laid back atmosphere with ample dining spaces enveloped in a translucent glass wall. Their classic cocktails are touted to satisfy any drink connoisseur, while signature libations are zhuzhed up with Indonesian ingredients, such as serai cordial (lemongrass), kecombrang (torch ginger), and even turmeric.

The SAFEHOUSE, Menara Anugrah, Kantor Taman E 3.3, Kuningan, Jakarta | (+62) 21 57904545

Lucy in the Sky

A party central for most millennials, Lucy in the Sky offers a cacophony of cocktails and funky dance tracks under its bohemian glass rooftop in the SCBD area. Part of the famed F&B group, Syah Establishments, the newly refurbished eatery features cocktails like Tiki Blossom (dark rum coconut, cacao white, campolay), espresso martini, four different kinds of Korean soju, and Indonesian-inspired Pandan Wangi cocktail (whiskey sous vide pandan, lemon). Don’t worry if hunger strikes—they have equally hearty finger snacks to accompany your nightcap.

Lucy in the Sky, Fairgrounds, SCBD Lot 14, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta | (+62) 81 319867542


With its fabulous infinity pool overlooking Jakarta’s skyline from the fifty-sixth floor, this Ismaya Group eatery is still the go-to place after many years. With a crowd made of expatriates and local socialites, Skye’s quintessential cocktails are in every bit metropolis-esque. If you’re a whiskey fan, try their signature Skye Sour (blended scotch, lemon, tawny port wine), while vodka-lovers have plenty to choose from—Tropical Peach (vanilla-infused vodka, peach syrup, pineapple juice) and Burning Mandarin (vodka, lemon juice, orange juice, chilli).

Skye, BCA Tower Lt. 56, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Menteng, Jakarta | (+62) 21 23586996

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By Umesh Bhagchandani 18 September 2020


While this Gunawarman joint is known for its delicious teppanyaki, their cocktails are equally exotic. Here, you can find various sake-based cocktails, like Yakuza and Kyuri, and even Asian-inspired drinks, such as Kinky Yuzu or Shanghai Star. Want something more authentic? Look for Fūjin’s handcrafted cocktails list where names like Miruku Ogura (rum, milk, red beans) or Matcha Pepamintini (vodka, peppermint, matcha ice cream) will surely make your night a little bit better.

Fūjin, Jl. Gunawarman No.21, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta | (+62) 21 27513030

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