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Spring Cleaning Time: Top Tips for Clearing your Clutter

By Localiiz 7 March 2014
March 7th 2014 Yesterday (March 6th) was Jingzhe. Literally meaning “the awakening of insects”, this is the day in the Chinese Lunar Calendar when rural farmers traditionally start to work the fields. What this means for Hong Kongers is that spring has officially sprung, which in turn can only mean one thing - it’s time for a spring clean – sorry! The best way to start is by clearing out the clutter, so we spoke to Hong Kong storage experts The Store House to glean their top tips for setting aside your surplus. If you’re a bit of a hoarder or simply have too much stuff for your tiny Hong Kong apartment, it could be worth considering putting some of the excess into storage. That way it will be out of the house but always available if you need it; we know it can be hard to let go! If this sounds like something you and your family need to do, it’s important to ensure your belongings are in safe hands. We recommend the Store House, Hong Kong’s leading storage group for individuals and small businesses. Established in 1999, they now have five locations across Hong Kong Island and the New Territories, all of which are climate controlled, totally secure and allow for 24/7 access. But perhaps our favourite thing about The Store House is their ethical credentials, as along with supporting WHW, a Hong Kong charity that improves the lives of local women and girls, their reach also extends to other Asian countries via the Bicycles for Humanity scheme, a global initiative giving the gift of mobility to those in developing South East Asian nations. If you’ve got an idle two-wheeler collecting rust in your hall therefore, drop it off at any of The Store House locations and give it a loving home. Now on to those all-important packing tips: 1.Before packing, ensure all your stuff is carefully sorted and labelled so you can easily find what you need later. Keep an inventory and label each box for easy identification. 2.When packing, place a plastic liner/bag at the bottom of the boxes just in case of leakage or flooding. 3.Fill up boxes to the top to prevent the walls collapsing, but make sure you can lift all packed boxes without straining. 4.Respect breakables; wrap dishes and glassware individually with tissue paper, newspaper or bubble-wrap. 5.Always place sentimental or important items (such as photos, passports, private files, DVDs/CDs, books) in a secure plastic container 6.It may sound obvious, but be sure to place heaviest boxes at the bottom of the storage unit and fragile items at the top. Also put boxes you are unlikely to need at the back. 7.Never keep foods or other perishables, illegal, dangerous or inflammable goods in storage.

For more storage tips or information of The Store House services, call +852 2548-4049 or email via their Localiiz profile page.

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