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Restaurant Week Review: 3 Course Spanish Dinner at Cassio

By Sophie Pettit 26 July 2017
Restaurant Week finally arrives this Friday, July 28 as 112 restaurants open their doors and invite Hong Kongers to explore some of the fanciest menus in town for special, 'value-for-money' prices. We check out what Spanish restaurant Cassio is bringing to the table.

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Up until August 6, curious diners can tuck into exclusive three-course menus for lunch from $118, and dinner from $298. Restaurant Week veterans Ammo, Bread Street Kitchen, and FoFo by el Willy return for the Summer edition, while newcomers Akrame, Carlo Riva, CÉ LA VI, Djapa, and Cassio are bringing something new to the table. Keen to try it out, we tucked into the three-course dinner menu at Cassio, the intimate and eclectic restaurant curated by Dragon-i Group, which serves up quality tapas by London Michelin star eatery, Barrafina. The menu didn't fail to impress, whipping up beautifully presented dishes packed with rich ingredients and bursting with flavour. There are three dishes to choose from for each course, meaning there's something to please all preferences, be it seafood, meat, or vegetarian. The portion sizes are also surprisingly generous, making the $398 price tag an appealing option. The Roasted Pumpkin and Quinoa Salad with Caramelized Tofu makes for a delicious starter, with the caramel topping adding a sweet twist to the refreshing salad mix. The Chorizo, Egg Confit, and Fried Whitebait is equally as tasty, throwing juicy pork and crispy fish into the mix for a wonderfully contrasting texture and flavour. [caption id="attachment_97304" align="aligncenter" width="660"] Roasted Pumpkin and Quinoa Salad with Caramelized Tofu/ Chorizo, Egg Confit, and Fried Whitebait[/caption] When it came to the mains, everyone had their own favourite. The Spinach & Manchego Cheese Canelón with Tomato Sauce is delightfully creamy and not overly rich, making it a light option for cheese lovers. Meanwhile, the tangy Fideuà with Clams and Squid adds a cheeky Asian twist on the classic paella, using short noodles instead of rice as the base. However, the Iberico Pluma, Polenta with Black Truffle Sauce (my own personal favourite) completely stole the show with its playful presentation, beautifully succulent meat (which looks more like steak than pork), and delicious truffle sauce on top. This is a must order for meat lovers. [caption id="attachment_97305" align="aligncenter" width="660"] Fideuà with Clams and Squid / Iberico Pluma, Polenta with Black Truffle Sauce[/caption] There wasn't a clear winner when it came to the desserts, as the Mango Cake, Chocolate Tart, and Churros are equally as delightful, so we recommend ordering them all if you're in a group of three or more. The tart is very rich though, so you might want to share this anyway. Meanwhile the Mango Cake strikes a perfect balance of sweet and fruity flavours without being too sickly, making it a refreshing finale to a wonderful Spanish feast. [caption id="attachment_97317" align="aligncenter" width="660"] Mango Cake / Chocolate Tart[/caption] So what's the verdict? If you're tempted to give Restaurant Week a try, then we definitely recommend the dinner menu at Cassio. The setting is cosy and intimate, the service is friendly and warm, and the food is simply delicious. Make sure you order one of their signature cocktails while you're there too - the Esmeralda ($140) was our favourite, which blends pisco, homemade jasmine tea syrup, lime juice, Peychaud's Bitters, and egg white. The other three weren't bad either! [caption id="attachment_97308" align="aligncenter" width="622"] Bottom right: Esmeralda ($140)[/caption] Reservations for Restaurant Week are now available online, so put on your stretchy pants and get booking. Click here for the full list of restaurants. Bon appétit!
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