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Restaurant Review: New Korean Dishes at Momojein

By Sophie Pettit 31 July 2017

Calling all K-food lovers! We pretty sure we've found the best Korean fried chicken in Hong Kong - big statement we know, but just wait until you sink your teeth into these juicy delights! Contemporary Korean restaurant Momojein has unveiled a selection of reinvented classic dishes that ooze flavour and pack a punch in the spicy department. Naturally, we were first in line to try them out - and we're very glad we did.

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The Venue

Conveniently located in the QRE building in the heart of Wan Chai, Momojein has earned a solid reputation over the past three years for its innovative interpretation of traditional Korean cuisine. This is owed to the talents of Korean celebrity chef Lim Hee Won who has spent over ten years in the industry and has been crowned one of the top star chefs featured on Korean cooking shows. But Momojein has much more to offer than a star at its helm. The restaurant combines a modern interior design with natural elements which gives it a clean and minimalist feel. This is complemented by the natural lighting which streams through the huge panels of windows throughout the venue. The spacious setup of Momojein makes it the ideal spot for groups of diners to enjoy the real star of the show - the food itself.

The Food

The sizzling hot Spicy Bell Pepper Tuna ($162) and Soondoobu Stew ($208), packed with fresh seafood, vegetables, tofu, and Korean chili, will blow your mind. Just make sure you have a cool cocktail on hand to calm your taste buds when you tuck into these fiery dishes. [caption id="attachment_97196" align="aligncenter" width="490"] Spicy Bell Pepper Tuna ($162)[/caption] If there is one thing you must order, it's the Kalbi & Grilled Vegetables ($390) or KFD (Korean Fried Drumsticks) which come in two sizes (large $240 and regular $128) and three delicious flavours: original, spicy, and soy sauce. The juicy slices of Kalbi USDA prime beef are wonderfully tender and grilled to perfection, giving them a slightly charred exterior which pairs beautifully with the homemade pumpkin dip. [caption id="attachment_97199" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Kalbi & Grilled Vegetables ($390)[/caption] Meanwhile, the soy sauce fried chicken - with hints of licorice, pineapple, and salt - is out of this world! The sauce is beautifully tangy and thick enough to coat your fingers as you nibble, making it finger licking good! [caption id="attachment_97200" align="aligncenter" width="600"] KFD with Soy Sauce (large $240 and regular $128)[/caption] And if you have room for dessert, the Baesuk Sherbet ($88) is sensational. This refreshing summer dish features a fresh, warm Korean pear sat in a sweet soup made with cinnamon, ginger, honey, and sugar, and conjures up all the feelings of Christmas, giving it a homely feel that warms your heart and your belly. [caption id="attachment_97193" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Baesuk Sherbet ($88)[/caption] There are some pretty mean cocktails on offer too. The spicy D.M.Z (Demilitarized Zone), which comes with popping candy, lime juice, green chilli, and a hip flask of Hwayo soju, is by far the best and quite reasonably priced at $108. Pouring the soju over the candy and listening to the crackling sounds is beyond satisfying. [caption id="attachment_97198" align="aligncenter" width="490"] D.M.Z ($108)[/caption] The sweet and throthy Makgeolli Shake ($98) is also incredibly good thanks to the homemade angelica root, ice-cream, and chocolate flakes which make it a delicious dessert drink. [caption id="attachment_97195" align="aligncenter" width="490"] Makgeolli Shake ($98)[/caption]

The Verdict

Overall, dining at Momojein is as much about the experience as it is about the food. Chef Lim Hee Won certainly knows how to please a crowd with tantalising dishes from his homeland that come with a cheeky modern twist and really pack a punch. With unforgettable dishes, kick-ass cocktails, and a modern, clean space to relax in with friends, this restaurant is a winner all round. Momojein, 202 Queen's Rd E, Wan Chai, (+852) 2789 1949
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