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PHOTO: Return to Hong Kong

By Localiiz 10 April 2015
Chicago based artist, curator, and Instagrammer Jenny Lam (@artistonthelam) tells us the story behind her beautiful shot of Nan Lian Garden. I took this photo at the Nan Lian Garden, which was built in the style of the Tang Dynasty, in Diamond Hill. It's open to the public and there's no admission fee, so it's a lovely location to just go for a walk, relax, and revel in the beauty of the city. I'm from Chicago. I'm the American-born, only child of Hong Kong immigrants. I've visited Hong Kong with my parents throughout my childhood, and in recent years I've been making annual trips by myself; I'm an artist, writer, and independent art curator and have been getting invitations to Art Basel and the like. I love using the art fairs as, essentially, an excuse to play here. Many of my relatives still live in Hong Kong, and I’m thankful that they can spare some time every year to feed me, take me places, feed me, make sure I'm alive, and feed me. Hong Kong is the motherland. I'll always keep coming back. 10632365_1637196123179940_1063345378_n   Do you have a photo with a story? Share it with us by posting it on Instagram and tagging it: #localiiz #story


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