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Save on trial lessons & vocal class packages at SeanyMac Studios!

By Promotions 30 June 2021

Experience focused vocal coaching from a roster of highly skilled experts in singing at SeanyMac Studios! A boutique team of acclaimed vocal authorities, they have helped many students reach their full potential, working directly with professional and beginner vocalists alike to teach them how to improve vocal strength.

SeanyMac Studio’s distinctive six-step approach has managed to condense outdated and complicated concepts into simple methods that are easy to comprehend, leading to more powerful singing without damaging the health of your instruments—yourself and your voice. Students are able to better grasp the path to success. Reducing unnecessary worry, the results are usually immediately perceptible, especially for first-timers.

First-time singers have been shown to discover improvements right away whilst professional vocalists will benefit from better strength, ease of sound, and performance. When combined with SeanyMac Studio’s unique approach, it’s really no surprise that students keep returning to the studio to continue their upwards journey.

If you are a complete newbie to vocal training, listen up! All new students at SeanyMac Studios can receive their first trial lesson at a 40 percent discount. An additional 10 percent off can be deducted on every four-lesson package plan purchased by the new student afterwards as well. Get ready to belt to your heart’s content!

SeanyMac Studios

SeanyMac Studios is a highly skilled vocal coaching studio working directly with both professional and beginner vocalists to improve vocal strength for any performance. Its six-step approach to healthier and more powerful singing condenses outdated and complicated methods, allowing the student to easily understand the path to success and to see immediate results without feeling overwhelmed.

Studio 804, 8/F, Cameron Commercial Centre, 458–468 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

(+852) 5122 9496