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Get a special 20% discount on Pet Pet Belly premium pet health food!

By Pet Pet Belly 26 February 2021

Pet Pet Belly, an expert on delivering handmade fresh meals and treats for the dogs and cats of Hong Kong, makes maintaining a fresh food diet for your four-legged pal easy and accessible. 

Your furry loved ones deserve to be healthy, in the most holistic way possible. This is why the entire Pet Pet Belly menu of dog and cat treats are grain-free and hypoallergenic, which ensures that no long-term harm or allergic risks are posed. They have worked with a US-based veterinarian and nutritionist team to create fresh pet food formulas—all of which are fully natural and human-grade—carefully fine-tuned to enhance your pets’ health, incorporating the use of natural food therapy inspired by the five elements of Chinese medicine.

Having just stepped into the new year, there is no better time than now to kickstart your pet’s good health by putting them on a fresh food diet. Pet Pet Belly is offering a 20 percent discount on their products for lucky Localiiz readers! Simply apply the discount code 20LOCALIIZ20 at checkout to enjoy 20 percent off your first order. Treat your furry friends to some bites that are not only tasty but also good for them!

Pet Pet Belly

Pet Pet Belly (PPB) is a fresh pet food specialist that offers premium, grain-free, and hypoallergic handmade fresh meal and treat products for dogs and cats in Hong Kong. Dedicated to assisting pet parents in enhancing the lifestyle and wellness of their fur babies, all of Pet Pet Belly’s formulas are not only designed and approved by a veterinarian and nutritionist team in the US, but also tailored to improve pets’ well-being with a touch of natural food therapy inspired by the five elements of Chinese medicine.