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Book an Acorn Playgroup trial class at Mighty Oaks for only $200!

By Promotions 22 August 2022

Even the mightiest and wisest of oak trees begin as tiny little acorns. Baby acorns need sun, water, and nutrients to grow into bigger acorns, saplings, and finally into trees. Like baby acorns, your children also require care and nutrients to grow and prosper!
Meet Mighty Oaks, a classroom that will nurture your children by providing a well-rounded education that’s focused on character-building and engaging curriculums designed for children aged eight- to 24-month-olds.

Watch your child blossom by booking an Acorn Playgroup trial class, priced at just $200! Accompany them to the conveniently located school next to the Kennedy Town MTR station on weekday afternoons or Saturday mornings. Designed for children aged 12 to 14 months, the trial includes interactive activities on science exploration, high-movement activities, and handicraft projects in a trilingual environment.

Children are curious; their learning attitude is to touch, feel, poke and explore. Every area of Mighty Oaks is designed to be fun from exploring light at the reception desk, to the mural and mirror design in the children’s washing area.

All of these activities will improve your children’s skills and prepare them for their kindergarten interview as they continue on their learning journey.

For even more benefits, enrol into the autumn term before 31 August 2022 to enjoy a 15 percent discount!

Mighty Oaks

Conveniently located next to the Kennedy Town MTR station, Mighty Oaks is a nursery and kindergarten that offers a variety of classes and a summer camp for toddlers and young children. Mighty Oaks is equipped with an interactive smartboard in every classroom, as well as indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

1/F, Lungga Mansion,
46A Belcher’s Street,
Kennedy Town

(+852) 2806 8383