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Enjoy exclusive festive offers from luxury wine supplier Maxwine!

By Promotions 13 December 2022

Header image courtesy of Maxwine

As Christmas nears, everyone is getting ready for the feast of a lifetime. And no Christmas gathering is complete without a bottle of wine or two. Luxury wine supplier Maxwine is opening its doors to the public and, as a Localiiz reader, you can enjoy exclusive festive offers! Read more about how this wine supplier is bringing private wines to your dining table, what wines are on offer, and why Maxwine is our go-to wine supplier for all occasions!

Photo: Maxwine

About Maxwine

Maxwine became the main supplier of Vigne Olcru in China, Hong Kong, and Macau in 2016. From then on, the company has been sourcing and distributing premium bottles to five-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong, including the Ritz-Carlton, the three-Michelin-starred Italian restaurant 8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana, the three-Michelin-starred Caprice at the Four Seasons, and the two-Michelin-starred Italian restaurant Octavium. With such an impressive background and clientele, Maxwine only acquires the best of the best bottles from the perfect wine regions for growing and producing premium bottles.

Photo: Maxwine

Lombardy wines

Wine connoisseurs know that the best places on earth to grow and produce wine are regions across the 45th parallel north. Simply put, this is the latitude that is 45 degrees north of the equator, and regions spanning across this includes the south of France and the north of Italy, which is why the best wines on the market are often produced in these places. Of these, Maxwine’s Lombardy wines are among the highest quality selection in the world.

Vineyards in Lombardy are as impressive as Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper housed in the Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, with 24,000 hectares of land dedicated to growing wine grapes. From this impressive landmass, a selection of reds and wines are produced. Particularly of note are its pinot noir, Chardonnay, and Muscat grapes. Maxwine is offering two varieties of these top wines to city dwellers this festive season!

Photo: Maxwine

2017/2018 Vigne Olcru—“Prestigio Italiano”

This sparkling wine ($380) is an indulgently sweet Muscat variety with hints of all things floral—just think fragrant rose and geranium. Its undertones of citrus and sage remind you of summer parties with a plethora sweet and refreshing fruit tarts, cakes, and biscuits. It’s simply the perfect bottle for those craving for summer to come again.

Photo: Maxwine

2014 Vigne Olcru, Classic Method Brut—“Virtus”

This Pinot Noir-Chardonnay ($480) is perfect served cold, but not frozen, which means it will remain at perfect tasting temperature just sitting on your dining table this December! Sit back and enjoy pleasant hints of flowers and fruit at your next Christmas gathering.

Russetra black caviar

Not sure what you should pair with your newly acquired bottles from Maxwine? Check out its selection of Russetra black caviar. Made from sturgeons sourced from the Volga River, Russetra’s caviar has a deep history. From as far back as the medieval period, Volga black caviar has thrived as a delicacy in haute cuisine. Sealed with a sticker of authenticity and anti-counterfeiting, you can expect the highest quality from Russetra caviar. And now you can enjoy such a luxurious treat in the comfort of your own home—simply purchase three varieties of Russetra’s sturgeon black caviar directly from Maxwine!

Photo: Maxwine

Classic caviar

Produced from a 10-year-old Siberian sturgeon, this caviar has a delicate shell that features a rich and long-lasting taste. With a tender flavour that is not overwhelming, it represents the pureness of traditions that have withstood the trials of time and thrives to this day.


Premium caviar

Produced from a 15-year-old Siberian sturgeon, this caviar boasts a recognisable and distinctive note of nuts amongst its richness. A malossol (“little salt”) caviar, its flavour is unique and harmonious with the grandeur of a royal banquet that is sure to impress.

Photo: Maxwine

Prestige caviar

Produced from a 25-year-old Siberian sturgeon, this caviar has large grains that sport a complex and delicate texture. Paired with a sensual richness and subtle flavour, savouring this caviar brings the most intimate side of the ocean to your palette.

Photo: Maxwine

Enjoy special Localiiz Christmas offers with Maxwine!

  • Wine:
    • Enjoy $100 off every 6 bottles of wine
    • Enjoy $250 off every 12 bottles of wine
  • Caviar:
    • Enjoy $500 off when you spend $2,500 or more
    • Enjoy $1,000 off when you spend $5,000 or more
    • Enjoy $2,000 off when you spend $10,000 or more

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to indulge in exclusive wines and gourmet bites only just made available for the wider public and impress your guests this Christmas! 

Local delivery (Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories) for orders with six standard bottles of wine from Maxwine is free! Otherwise, a $200 delivery charge will be applied. All purchases including caviar and wine or caviar only are also eligible for free delivery.

From now till 31 December, check out Maxwine’s website or WhatsApp the team directly and use code LOCALIIZ to claim the special offers!


Maxwine Limited was established in 2008, striving to find the highest-quality foods and wines from around the world that are rarely available on the market. It is now the exclusive distributor of the Vigne Olcru winery, which produces the highest quality of Pinot Noir wine in Lombardy, and also the exclusive distributor of Russetra caviar from the Volga River.