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Enjoy 25% off premium pet CBD products from LOP & LOA!

By Promotions 2 December 2021

Living in Hong Kong can be challenging with small spaces, noise pollution and an abundance of people that can create a stressful environment for not only us, but our furry family members as well. While there are a number of benefits to CBD, anxiety and stress relief is definitely one that takes the spotlight.

Its calming effects are often seen almost immediately in anxious or overly stressed animals—so whether it’s thunderstorms or separation anxiety, CBD is something that could potentially aid your furry friend.

Aside from its relaxing effects, CBD has also been known to help manage pain and inflammation, assist in sleep quality, improve seizure control, improve mobility in animals with osteoarthritis, assist in immune-mediated diseases, reduce nausea, and stimulate appetite.

While the compound itself is completely natural, you have to be careful when choosing a product, as CBD is relatively new to the Hong Kong market. Like many things, CBD oils are not all created equal—and we all want the best for our furry family members! Using cannabinoid extract derived from organically farmed hemp plants in the USA, LOP & LOA’s CBD oils are formulated by the brand’s own co-founders, who are veterinarians and certified CBD consultants.

Besides their flagship CBD oil, you’ll also find a muscle-soothing CBD healing balm, CBD isolate powder, and oven-baked CBD dog treats in the LOP & LOA range. To help you and your pets have a happier holiday season, LOP & LOA is offering 25 percent off your entire purchase (with the exception of Christmas boxes) from now until 31 January 2022. Simply enter the code LOCALIIZ25 upon checkout to enjoy the discount!


Standing for “love our planet, love our animals,” LOP & LOA is the first veterinarian-owned brand in Hong Kong to offer broad-spectrum CBD oil for pets. Founded by three passionate pet parents—two of whom are vets and certified CBD consultants—LOP & LOA products are formulated with carefully, responsibly, and sustainably sourced ingredients to help put other pet owners’ minds at ease.