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Win exclusive Goldshield 24 sanitiser travel kits from Healthy Giant!

By Promotions 3 November 2021

Nothing beats the good old-fashioned handwashing when it comes to preventing the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19, but when water and soap are not available, the CDC has identified 60 percent alcohol-based hand sanitisers as the way to go. Shockingly, there have been reports of skin burns from using hand sanitiser on small children and those with sensitive skin. More importantly, the short term and overuse of disinfectants have been shown to contribute to antibiotic resistance, making it harder to kill superbugs even when in direct contact with the chemicals.

Fortunately, there’s a solution! Enter an innovative approach to hand sanitisers that keeps children safe from skin burns and poisoning risks with long-lasting protection: Goldshield 24.

A unique, alcohol-free rinsing foam, this product combines a proven and effective antiseptic agent with unique Goldshield technology to provide excellent killing action on bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Offering long-term residual protection of up to 24 hours of antimicrobial action in a single application, it significantly outlasts alcohol, which loses all effectiveness only seconds after drying.

Furthermore, Goldshield is US-patented and has been formulated to protect between washes by safely remaining on the skin’s surface like an invisible glove, providing continuous antiseptic and antimicrobial protection for hours on end. Additionally, it moisturises as you use it and will not deplete the natural oils in the skin the way alcohol does, keeping you smooth and soft.

As health has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds, we are offering our savvy readers a limited-time offer that saves you up to a whopping 40 percent on Goldshield 24 Hand Sanitisers using the code LOCALIIZ-GS-40. Applicable to product sizes of 50, 100, and 150 millilitres, get stocked up and ready to handle flu season as winter approaches!

What’s more, you can join in on a giveaway of up to 150 travel-sized kits for those who want to make sure they keep clean and protected no matter where they go. Each kit includes one bottle of the 24-hour-effective Goldshield 24 Hand Sanitiser, as well as one Goldshield GS-75 Surface Antimicrobial Spray, the latter boasting a 90-day-long period of protection from germs. All you have to do is share your photos of the Goldshield 24 to Facebook or Instagram, and tag Healthy Giant for a chance to win the exclusive, all-rounded travel kit. Hurry and get tagging as the offer ends at 11.59 pm on 20 November 2021. Get scrubbing and get sharing!

Healthy Giant

Believing that a healthy body and healthy surroundings are interlinked, Healthy Giant is committed to providing top-notch sanitation products and services. Incorporating cutting-edge technology that runs as deep as the micro-bacterial level, they are committed to bringing the most efficient and effective hygiene solutions to corporate venues, community spaces, and even homes.