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What we’re watching on Netflix Hong Kong this July 2023

By Celia Lee 7 July 2023

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As the summer holidays begin, it’s time to relax and idle away in the comfort of your home. What better way to keep yourself entertained than by bingeing on some new Netflix releases? From thrilling documentaries that will keep you at the edge of your seat to heart-wrenching tales, here’s what we’re watching on Netflix Hong Kong this July 2023.

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Unknown: The Lost Pyramid

Unknown: The Lost Pyramid is a new documentary series on Netflix. In this first episode, two world-renowned Egyptologists begin their search for ancient treasures in the dessert of Saqqara: one is hunting for a long-lost pyramid of a forgotten pharaoh while the other seeks out an unlooted tomb in the ruins of an ancient metropolis. Friendly competition ensues as both teams fight to make the bigger discovery about a bygone golden age. Available now with new episodes releasing throughout the month.

Burn the House Down

A live-action series based on its namesake manga, Burn the House Down follows Murata Anzu, whose family home was engulfed in the flames of a mysterious fire that her mother was blamed for starting. 13 years later, Murata begins a truth-seeking quest to uncover the real culprit behind the fire by becoming a housekeeper to the affluent Mitarai family. Nagano Mei and Suzuki Kyoka star in this fiery-hot series. Available 13 July.

Bird Box Barcelona

An expansion of the blockbuster film Bird Box (2018), Bird Box Barcelona follows Sebastian on his journey to survival in a reality devastated by a mysterious force that drove humanity to its knees. As Sebastian encounters other survivors in the streets of Barcelona, they realise something new and sinister is threatening their odds of staying alive. Available 14 July.

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The Deepest Breath

This documentary follows a champion freediver and an expert safety diver on their quest to break a world record. Bonded by their love of the deep sea, this thrilling title details the risks, challenges, and rewards the pair faced as they work towards an unfathomable goal. Available 19 July.

They Cloned Tyrone

This Netflix Original film follows a ragtag trio as they unknowingly stumble into a government conspiracy that spirals out of control. Chaos—and clones—take hold of their neighbourhood as the group fight to uncover the whole truth to this conspiracy. John Boyega, Teyonah Parris, and Jamie Foxx stars in this comedic thriller. Available 21 July.


Footballer Yoon Hong-dae is a star player who becomes involved in an unexpected scandal. Now suspended from his international career, Yoon is approached by a documentary director with a peculiar proposition that just might rescue his stardom from the depths. Now appointed coach for a team made up of homeless people who have never played football before, Yoon must find a way to get them into shape to compete in the Homeless World Cup. Originally released as a screenplay in April 2023, Park Seo-joon and IU star in this comforting, heartfelt comedy. Available 25 July.

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DP (Season 2)

The highly anticipated second season of DP is coming to Netflix later this month. Jung Hae-in returns as An Jun-ho, the gritty soldier in the Deserter Pursuit unit of the Korean Military, tasked with hunting down soldiers escaping from mandatary service. Bearing repercussions from the events that ended season one, An and his rookie partner Han Ho-yeol are faced with a twist in their usual cat-and-mouse game. Terribly bleak and honest about the reality of life in the Korean military, the second season tackles cases that tug even harder on the heartstrings. Available 28 July.

Happiness for Beginners

Based on the namesake novel by Katherine Center, this Netflix Original film follows Helen, a recently divorced woman who is trying to find her way in the world. Talked into signing up for a wilderness survival course by her brother, Helen joins a mismatched group of hikers on an adventure that teaches her valuable lessons about life. Available 27 July.

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Celia Lee

Staff writer

Born and raised in Hong Kong and educated in the UK, Celia is passionate about culture, food, and different happenings in the city. When she’s not busy writing, you can find her scouting for new and trendy restaurants, getting lost in a bookstore, or baking up a storm at home.

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