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Localiiz recommends: 10 perfect Christmas gifts for pet owners

By Stephanie Lown 29 November 2019
Everyone has that one pet-crazed friend who loves animals (maybe a bit too much) or won’t shut up about what they got up to with their pet this past weekend. For most of my friends and colleagues, that person is me—so who better to advise on what gifts to get your pet-owning friends for Christmas this year? Let’s get straight into it.

1. Pet HKID Octopus card sticker

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you—some creative soul has designed a Pet HKID Decal ($100) for you to jazz up your Octopus card! If this doesn’t make you scream, “Shut up and take my money!” then I don’t know what will. You can order the card design in the form of a sticker and apply it yourself or order a brand new Octopus card with the design applied professionally for you for an additional fee. We love that these creative gifts are customised according to the pet and we’re sure whoever you’re shopping for will appreciate the thoughtfulness! All these crafty designers need from you to complete the order are two clear pictures of your pet, birthdate, name (in Chinese and English), gender, and preferred ID number (if any). According to the creators, a popular choice for this is the pet’s license or microchip number. Simply order through their Facebook page and arrange payment through bank transfer or PayMe and you can expect to receive your pet’s ID in the post within 10–12 days.

2. Costumes from Funidelia

For those of you who enjoy a little dress-up, Funidelia have some of the best costumes around for dogs! From Princess Leia to the UPS delivery man, Funidelia should be your go-to for all your pet-costume needs—and for such an affordable price, you might as well get several while you’re at it, one for each season! With such a quick delivery time (about a week), these guys proved to be a real life-saver this past Halloween. I mean, just look at how cute the plump snowman and the grumpy elf are!

3. DNA test

To find out if you really are related to your pup, take this DNA test (just kidding). Although all pups are beautiful and the importance of a dog’s pedigree is a thing of the past—after all, rescued is becoming everyone’s favourite breed—this test is just for a bit of light-hearted fun, and for those of you who have always wondered where your pup gets those quirky traits from. The test is non-invasive and involves swiping a cotton swab on the inside of your dog’s cheek and shipping the DNA off to the labs for some testing. Available tests include dog breed identification, genetic age test, and wolf-canid hybrid tests (to see if your dog has any wolf or coyote DNA), and much more. We used DNAmydog from Toronto for Localiiz office mascot Lola’s DNA Test ($410–$990) and we discovered she was part Pekingese, American Eskimo dog, and Schnauzer. It does explain for a lot of her characteristics! For more options, check out these other dog DNA companies.

4. Dog subscription box

The Dog Box offers a Monthly Subscription Box ($500) for dogs in Hong Kong! Similar to subscribing to Wine Moments for a taster box—where you get small bottles of various wines to sample—each box you receive from the Dog Box will contain new treats, toys, and a wearable accessory for your pooch. Now every month can feel like Christmas and I’m sure your pet will welcome the multifaceted gifts. If you are ordering this for Christmas Day, however, be sure to order no later than December 19 to ensure it arrives on time, as all boxes and goodies are made to order. Apply the discount code LOCALIIZ10 to get 10 percent off!

5. Custom pet portraits

What better way to capture your pet in all their pet-acular glory than turning your favourite photos of them into a renaissance masterpiece, fit for royalty? With Crown and Paw, you can jazz up your home or phone cover with some high-quality Custom Pet Art ($235–$390), featuring none other than your very own—or, ahem, your friend’s pet. There are some tips in capturing the best image for this masterpiece, so be sure to check them out here. It takes between 10–21 working days to produce and deliver them, so best get your order in fast!

6. Cat scratchers

Is your cat the reason you can’t own nice things? Well, that can be a thing of the past, as this company based in the Netherlands have found a way to make artwork practical in the form of a scratching board for your cat! Beautify your home with Girl with a Pearl Earring ($1,016) or the Mona Lisa ($939.5) while it pulls double duty as a glutton for your feline’s punishing claws. Or perhaps you’re looking for something a little three-dimensional and vegetative? We’ve got you covered; decorate your home with a Cactus Cat-Scratching Post ($1,043) from Taiwanese brand MeowOffice. You may not be able to keep real houseplants around, but this is a fairly good compromise for you and your pet and we think these gifts will spruce up your living spaces, too!
Tigger enjoying a bottle of RW Bottom Sniffer Ale from Pet Line

7. Dog beer

Ever just want to kick back and have a cold brewsky with your buds after a long day? Or perhaps toast to a special occasion such as the festive season? But what if your bud is a dog? Well, you can’t give them real beer, but there is such thing as beer for dogs (and also Pawsecco or Champaws). You can buy your pooch some hooch from Pet Line or browse online for more variety from online stores overseas that specialise in dog beers. For example, Good Boy Dog Beer offers a variety of flavours such as Mailman Malt Licker or Crotch Sniffin’ Ale—the latter, ironically, peanut-flavoured.

8. Cat platforms

If your cat enjoys clambering to new heights in your house, then you may want to check out MYZOO’s cat platforms, which also double as stylish home decor. Whether it’s the dreamy Cloud Platform ($1,048) to provide a simple jumping platform for your furry acrobatic friend or a space-like dome for them to take a snooze, like the Space Plan Gamma Walnut ($1,222.9), MYZOO offers a range of styles and colours, all beautifully handcrafted to suit your home-decorating and feline needs.

9. Cute animal beds

If your pet enjoys their beauty sleep, they can now do so in comfort and style thanks to these wonderfully creative beds by Pidan. Whether you’re after something chic and modern to go with your thoughtful interior design, or something a little more extra—like an Avocado-Shaped Pet Nest ($166.5) or Egg Tart Bed ($337.9)—you bet Pidan has it. These gifts are so adorable, it’s almost a shame they only come in pet sizes.

10. The gift of giving

Give the gift of love and celebrate Christmas this year by supporting Whiskers N Paws’ Operation Santa Paws Charity Collection Drive. You can pass on any gently-used pet items—such as toys, blankets, bedding, collars, leashes, unopened foods, and pet treats—to your nearest collection point between now and December 31. These donations will help support the many rescue cats and dogs in shelters across Hong Kong! Help spread the holiday paw-sitivity this Christmas and click here to find your nearest drop-off point.

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Stephanie Lown

Marketing manager

Stephanie is extremely passionate about all things animal or sports-related. When she’s not at work, she’s out on an adventure with her cheeky pup, Lola, or leading Exploring Dogs hikes to raise funds for the local shelters. You may also find her playing pick-up basketball or on the hunt for a good coffee shop—dog-friendly, of course.