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Localiiz Checks Out the Secret Brunch Club

By Localiiz 30 April 2015
Hushup Events, the team behind the wildly successful Secret Island Party, invited a few adventurous souls, for a price, to a top-secret location recently for a hush-hush meal. Localiiz’s plucky Suzannah Van Rooy, never one to shy away from a good mystery, joined the first Secret Brunch Club to find out what all the whispers were about. I’ve never been part of a secret or exclusive society, but that’s the great thing about wielding the power of a credit card in exchange for a ticket stub in Hong Kong – it can always buy you the experience you want for a day, if not for a few hours. As with their Secret Island Party, Hushup revealed only enough information about the brunch to create buzz, promising luxurious drinks at the meet-up location, surprise guests and performances, free flow Mumm champagne, and as much sushi, antipasto, and pulled pork buns as we could handle. (They had me at luxurious…) My mind chased quite a few rabbits on this one: are we talking flamethrowers, magicians, sword swallowers, and acrobats? Servers in glittering gold body paint and nipple pasties on roller skates? Male waiters throwing glitter in the air wearing nothing but afros, gold chains, and gym shorts? 300-pound babies wearing Mozart wigs, tinted aviators, and spinning records with their little ravioli hands??? Thankfully, that was just how my mind works and not what Hushup had in store for us. After getting our pre-brunch buzz on with fancy adult beverages, including a few silky shots at the Observation Wheel in Central, all 100-something of us were bundled away by Hushup’s Laura Morison, known by those in the know as the new goddess of brunch, to our top secret location: Armani Prive. Being a fan of the more alternative scene, when I hear Armani Prive – I’m immediately bored. Suits and expensive cocktails with a rooftop view of Hon…..zzzzzzz….sorry blacked out for a hot minute. But as promised by Hushup there would be nothing pretentious about this brunch. A short jaunt later and we waltzed in to an atmosphere filled with friendly faces, chilled glasses of bubbly, transforming body art stations, Romanesque buffet displays. Did I mention the bubbly? The smooth mixes of DJ Melohman and trumpet man Michal Garcia enhanced chill jazzy vibes. This brunch was anything but stuffy. Over the next few hours we all rode the adult merry-go-round of unlimited Mumm and spirits while we painted our faces with sparkly golden swirls. (Personally, I can say that I killed it in a limbo competition and failed miserably with a few hula-hoops.) Oh, and there was food – an endless train of raw fish, salty meats, and fluffy pork buns. Belts were loosened a few notches and our dresses hid our mini-brunch bumps. As the afternoon became a gauzy haze of fun, we came to the realization that all secret brunches must come to an end…before they become the end of us.
We walked away from this premiere Secret Brunch Club with rosy cheeks, new friends, priceless memories, a few extra kilos in our stomachs, and pockets full of nipped table swag. The next morning I was greeted by a reflection of glitter, flowers, false eyelashes, and smeared lipstick. Never had my face started the day quite so entertaining. We look forward to seeing what else Laura and the creative team at Hushup can do next after making this brunch experience a reality. [masterslider id="79"]

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