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Local Filmmaker Beautifully Captures The Old Soul Of Hong Kong

By Sophie Pettit 19 September 2018
We love it when a video perfectly captures the excitement and curiosity of exploring Hong Kong's oldest traditions, and talented student Freddie Rodgers has nailed it with his beautiful new film, Walk Along Hong Kong.

[pro_ad_display_adzone id="73367"] Steering clear of the glitzy financial centre and modern towering skyscrapers that our city is so famous for, the born and raised Hong Konger instead takes us on a journey through the back streets of the city, peering into old market stalls, dried seafood shops, and the cobbled streets of Pottinger, and beyond. Of course, no exploration of Hong Kong's old soul would be complete without a stroll through one of its last remaining dai pai dongs, taking in the smells and chattering conversation along the way. Nor would it be an accurate account without featuring the city's famous wet markets where locals haggle with butchers and fruit and vegetable vendors to bag the freshest finds. "I grew up in Hong Kong and lived here my whole life up until university, so I really wanted to capture the beautiful experience of Hong Kong's sights and sounds that I've always known and loved", Freddie tells Localiiz. The video even treats us to a glimpse into Hong Kong's oldest skilled trades, capturing a mahjong tile maker gently carving his creations while a bamboo scaffolder binds his masterpiece high above the street. Despite these bustling scenes, Freddie manages to create a feeling of serenity amid the action, gently weaving his way along pavements, rocks, sand, and even greenery to show us the many faces that Hong Kong has to offer. It's hard not to fall in love with the city all over again watching this.
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Sophie Pettit


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