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How to plan your perfect pamper day with Fav

By Fav Sponsored | 12 April 2021

Header image courtesy of @crystalweed (via Unsplash)

The practices of self-care and relaxation have been irreversibly reshaped by the pandemic to take on new forms. With many choosing to become homebodies, what better way to rejuvenate and recharge than spoiling yourself in your own humble abode? We have buddied up with Fav to curate the perfect pamper day that covers every aspect of your well-being from the inside out.

A brand-new platform by MindBeauty, Fav introduces premium lifestyle products and opulent experiences that have been lovingly selected by a team that is always on the lookout for the eclectic in contemporary living. From the beginning of your day till the end of your night, they have got you covered. For our lovely Localiiz readers, punch in the code FAV:LOCALIIZ during checkout for these items and instantly receive an exclusive 20 percent discount. Here are our top picks from their collection to add to your basket!


What use is a day off if not to hit reset? Recuperating your inner strength is just as important as physical recovery, and mental fatigue is not to be overlooked. Begin your day by priming your mind to ease into a sense of calm so that you can tune out and simply enjoy each moment. Fav recommends incorporating some CBD extract into your morning, as it is hailed as a multipurpose elixir of wellbeing and can help greatly.

Our physiological balance places our pleasure, pain, sleep, memory, appetite, and immune responses on the line. CBD boosts can allow for greater harmony with the release of endocannabinoids. Still any hint of restlessness by adding a droplet of Kama CBD tincture to an all-natural breakfast smoothie or by chewing on a sweet yet subtly tart Kama CBD “Fruitblast” gummy. Without a trace of THC, these are supplements that can be integrated into your daily living for healthier sleep, improved inflammatory responses, and better joint mobility.


As the main event of Sundays as well as hungover mornings, brunch is guaranteed to be a much-welcomed addition to your day of rest. It’s also a great reason to invite over your close circle of friends and loved ones, with the familiar home environment allowing for more relaxation than any trendy restaurant would.

Spruce up your space by adding a handful of statement pieces, such as couch pillows with loud patterns, potted plants, or tinted wine glasses. Small items like these can add significant pops of vibrance without requiring big moves or drastic rearranging. Plus, you can easily change up the decorations with minimal effort, allowing you to host various parties with different themes without breaking the bank.

For an extra special tip, Fav suggests that an inviting scent can also help to elevate a homely backdrop by adding new sensory depths to the ambience. Amp up the heat and recreate some tropical vibes by spritzing mint mojito room & linen spray from The Blomstre. Or go the complete opposite route for a wintry theme, and capture the feel of a cosy ski cabin by lighting up the apple maple & bourbon candle, also from The Blomstre. Your home is your oyster.


No pamper day is complete without some indulgent physical rejuvenation. While this is not exactly an activity that you can fix up by yourself, who could possibly turn down a spa session? Not only are they super relaxing experiences, but they are also incredibly beneficial in flushing out pent-up toxins.

Try going for massages targeting areas of your body that regulate your internal systems, as they are great at improving the movement of your blood flow. For example, Fav highlights this detoxifying traditional Thai-style massage by NutriSlim Thai Spa, which tends to your lymphatic network as well as your gut, key players in regulating your anatomy.

If you are a fitness nut, consider scheduling in some time for active recovery beforehand. This encompasses light exercises that are meant to improve your internal circulation and prime your muscles to loosen and stretch before being massaged. Slip into a pair of swimming trunks from Mazu to enjoy a casual dip in the pool to warm up your limbs, without bringing excess pressure to your joints. Options like walking or cycling at a leisurely pace, as well as Pilates are also recommended activities that help to reduce lactic-acid induced soreness.


Occupying the cross-section where hearty comfort food and nutrition meet, a wholesome home-cooked meal is just the thing to meet your inner as well as bodily needs. In fact, the Journal of Positive Psychology found that the act of cooking falls under a therapeutic form of behaviour that prompts people to flourish creatively. A robust roast paired with a fragrant glass of wine is just the combination to soothe your soul and hungry belly.

Set your oven to preheat (at a temperature between 180 or 200 degrees Celsius, fan-forced) and get ready for a feast. Prep some chicken in a heat-proof roasting pan by frying it over medium-high heat in extra virgin olive oil. After that, marinate it in a lightly warmed-up mixture of Rewarewa honey from Tahi Honey and apple cider vinegar, which will help to kick in an extra twinge of tanginess and malty lusciousness. 

Produced by Tahi Honey and available on Fav, this little jar of goodness is as impactful to your antioxidant production as it is to the ecosystem. Continue to bake the chicken for another 30 minutes or until the chicken is fully cooked, taking it out in between to baste with juices from the pan. To keep it simple, round it all off pouring out a glass of oaky chardonnay or a pinot noir to go with your plate. If you find yourself feening for something sweet, drizzle a little bit of Manuka honey over some fresh fruit as a decadent yet light dessert.


If it isn’t already, a tailored skincare routine should be an unmissable step in your nightly rituals. Fav notes that beauty rest tends to be most effective at night, as there are fewer environmental stressors that can permeate and irritate your skin, making it the perfect time to deeply absorb nutriments. What's more, a good skincare routine can erase issues, if any, that have come with spending most of our days restricting our skin and overall circulation behind a face mask.

Whether you veer towards the dry side, the oily side, or struggle with a combination of both, there are a few basic steps that should be practised by all. This includes cleansing, toning, targeted treatments, moisturiser, an eye cream, and a mask—in that order. To ramp up blood flow and add to the mood of calm afterwards, finish your night off by massaging your lubricated face lightly with a healing rose quartz facial roller.

Regardless of your skin type and qualities, reaching for chemical-free solutions is the way to go. Simplicité offers the benefits of all-natural ingredients, formulated fresh to activate plant power to its most potent. With a plethora of special concoctions to tend to your skin-specific needs, you can customise your routine with Simplicité, from soothing pesky pimples with the rosemary blemish gel or giving your skin some extra collagen support with the Results Lift gel.

Backed by MindBeauty, Fav is an all-new lifestyle platform that puts forward the best of the best when it comes to modern luxuries. Fav carries a diverse array of curated products, stocking brands of all varieties, they feature local artisans like Gienne Tsui, as well as international brands like Australian derma-brand Ciencia, encompassing beauty and lifestyle products, wellness appliances, home accoutrements, gourmet items, fitness equipment. 

On top of that, they also offer a plethora of memorable luxury experiences for you to immerse yourself in. To celebrate their launch with us, they are giving Localiiz readers a taste of the finer things in life. Grab your 20 percent discount on all purchases by checking out on the Fav site with the code FAV:LOCALIIZ now!


Fav is a platform unlike any other, bringing luxury lifestyle goods and wellness experiences to your fingertips. Selected by a group of tastemakers with a keen eye for the unique and widely favoured, every item and event featured on Fav has been chosen with lots of love.

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