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Why CBD is the next big thing in wellness

By Localiiz Branded | 6 September 2021

Worries of fumbling your words at an upcoming presentation; nights spent tossing and turning to the tick of the clock; a faint pain that simply will not leave the joints of your knees—these could be only a fraction of common conditions that permeate our daily existence, enough to lurk around as a constant irritation, yet never truly disappearing.

Enter the ultimate rival: CBD. A buzzword that has been taking the world of health and wellness by storm in the past couple of years, CBD has spawned a strong and rapidly growing industry of infused products. Still, the question stands—what can these fascinating and mysterious droplets do?

Its purported benefits range from offering an alternative to anxiety remedies in pet healthcare to moisturising the skin. Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD affects you with cannabidiol, the chemical compound that is known to regulate your internal mood, balance, and stability. However, it omits the psychoactive agent known as THC, leaving out that sense of high that people associate with cannabis. With an impressive and growing portfolio of advantages, we have partnered up with CBD Online to introduce a few of CBD’s most common uses.

Improving general well-being

As the popularity of CBD soars, so has the medical interest in its anxiety-alleviating properties. Think of your body’s endocannabinoid system as an engine, where the gears of your stress-relieving hormones and serotonin networks reside. All this internal machinery is constantly churning, requiring the production of our own organic version of cannabidiol in order to operate smoothly, balancing out our overall sense of calm.

A plant-based alternative, CBD is believed to be like the lubricant that keeps all systems go. Raising the vibes of your general well-being, it has attracted global attention as an enhancement that eases you back into a grounded baseline state. The substance works to relax overactive nervousness, all without lulling you into sluggish drowsiness. At the same time, it allows you to maintain focus, which can aid in bolstering overall productivity.

Good snooze can’t lose

While it is extremely difficult to determine an exact cause for troubled sleep, conditions such as underlying mental health issues and impaired cognitive functioning have been plucked from the bunch as the infamous main suspects. Even worse, several forms of medication that have been applied to regulating serotonin absorption have been found to inadvertently disrupt cycles of rest and consciousness.

Like the light at the end of the tunnel, CBD shows the potential to soothe these conditions without the trade-off of losing good sleep. Its anti-anxiety and pain-relief abilities are key to suppressing bothersome factors that lead to restlessness, strengthening the regulatory performance of your endocannabinoid system in order to work with your existing natural body clock. The aim is not to create a feeling of drowsiness, but CBD can also be used in tandem with snooze-inducing products like melatonin to gently ease you into relaxation.

The calm before the score

Further emphasising the use of CBD as a healer that brings your health back up to a steady baseline, its promising use in the world of sports has focused on treating chronic and situational pain. Overworking your muscles may leave you with persistent pains in the joints or even inflammation, all of which can be treated non-invasively using CBD. The World Anti-doping Agency has even removed it from its list of prohibited substances since 2018!

Glow green

Another topical use for CBD is skincare, specifically in the realm of rejuvenation. Nurturing your skin by giving it the wholesome moisture that it needs, these items can help to add to your radiance. Especially when it comes to Hong Kong’s pollutants, dust, and humidity, the soothing agents in several CBD skincare products can even help to lessen the appearance of redness or blotches as a result of skin irritation.

Don’t be alarmed by the unfamiliar consistency of some of the products! Moving away from conventional formulations, the swap in texture and feel might take some getting used to. An extra tip: Do be sure to read through the instructions for application to make sure your skin soaks in the good stuff properly.

Making CBD work for you

Amongst the hype of CBD desserts, lifestyle goods, and more, there are several sure-fire applications that have proven to be effective without relying on too much showboating and fireworks. No frills or fuss involved, the rotation of CBD products presented by CBD Online release their effects in similar ways, but come in different forms, allowing individuals to discover an approach that is best suited to their personal needs.

There are several ways of consuming CBD, and getting started is super simple. The most popular option—and a great starting point—is a tincture. A little drop goes a long way, saving costs while still packing a full arsenal of benefits. It even allows users to customise serving sizes for a perfectly tailored dose. Mixed into your daily coffee, breakfast smoothies, or nightly cuppa, it can conveniently seep into your everyday life.

For those in need of a more portable solution, CBD soft gels and gummies are a quick pop-one-and-go solution. No matter the method of consumption, the familiar glow of calm appears all the same.

Stocking up to 70 varieties from the best CBD brands around the world—all handpicked to ensure compliance in light of Hong Kong’s cannabis regulations—there is an entire wealth of products on CBD Online for you to try out and find your favourites. After all, allowing for choice means experimenting until you find the sweet spot that caters to your personalised routine and requirements! What’s more, the platform’s close connection to suppliers cuts down on unnecessary auxiliary costs, resulting in the best—and near unbelievable—bargains.

With an emphasis on US brands, CBD Online collaborates with the most legitimate, reputable, and widely-loved producers to ensure that only top-range items are featured in their selection. Stocking the North Carolina-based CBD MD—which has recently entered the New York Stock Exchange as the sole and first-ever listed CBD manufacturer—the focus on transparency and quality is plain to see. Available as well is CBDistillery, which has a reach of over two million eager customers!

Stay tuned and quick on your feet for their special flash deals that refresh daily, encompassing mind-boggling discounts, bundle offers, exclusive gifts, and more. New customers to CBD Online can also get a special, one-time discount of 25 percent off on their first-ever haul. Simply use the code FIRSTORDER at checkout and get stocked up on all sorts of CBD goodies, with same-day dispatch as well as free delivery!

With your purchases, you are giving back to disenfranchised communities. Believing in its social obligation as a business, CBD Online is greatly involved in social projects offered up by the Smile for Africa foundation, having drawn up a donation program that doubles the alms received from customers, and channelled back to orphaned children in need all over Uganda and Ghana. Each donation is made public information each month, ensuring that all funds are definitely transferred to the foundation.

CBD Online

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