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5 exercise trends taking the world by storm

By Localiiz Branded | 12 August 2021

Header image courtesy of Geert Pieters (via Unsplash)

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Health and wellness are concerns that have been at the forefront of everyone’s minds over the past few years. While exercise is a welcomed addition to the daily routines of many, but some of us might be feeling burnt out, energetically deflated, or simply bored from constantly repeating the same few physical activities. Revamp your routine and rekindle your motivation to exercise by exploring these new workout trends that have taken the fitness world by storm!

Photo: Fortune Vieyra (via Unsplash)

Exercise anywhere with bodyweight training

No matter if you are a seasoned gym rat or completely new to working out, following bodyweight exercises is a simple yet effective way to get your training in. Bodyweight routines are easily achievable in small spaces, and you will not even need any special equipment or time restrictions!

Begin with some simple foundational moves that you can learn from a plethora of online tutorials, or buddy up with a personal trainer to strategise the best plan specific to your body and goals. Once you have a directory of basic moves to choose from, it will be an absolute breeze to get moving no matter where you are, making for a great option for frequent travellers or dwellers of small Hong Kong homes.

Photo: bruce mars (via Unsplash)

Merge disciplines for a new breed of workout

Aside from trying out new sports and routines all the time, merging together these activities can actually result in a variety of novel sports and compound exercises that train your whole body in one go. Numerous gyms and personal trainers have jumped on this trend in recent times, resulting in some interesting combinations.

An American phenomenon, BootyBarre is one that builds upon conventional barre classes, derived from the practice of ballet dancing, by adding elements of cardio and dance-inspired moves for dynamic strength training. Another option that is building up in hype is TRX suspension training, which expands on yoga to add an element of resistance. Whilst traditional yoga may draw upon blocks or bolstering equipment to provide support for several difficult poses, TRX works in total-body-resistance exercises via anchors and straps that suspend the body for enhanced positions.

Boosting the already burgeoning exercising trend of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to new heights, water-based HIIT offers a new version of the practice that raises your heartbeat in the same manner—but without making as hard of an impact on your joints. In fact, the aqua-aerobic aspect leads to an even more exaggerated session, mixing two incredibly effective workouts in one. For those who want to keep dry—at least until you start sweating from the activity—hybridised HIIT that integrates yoga and Pilates elements are also wonderful choices.

Photo: Ignacio Campo (via Unsplash)

Family fitness shows exercise has no age limit

A new demographic of health nuts has emerged along with the advent of pregnancy-safe exercises, leading to a sweeping boom in gyms and instructors who specialise in moves for mums. Ante-natal sports can range from Pilates to aqua-aerobics to cardio or more, all of which have been formulated for women who are expecting. Do be sure to confirm with your GP or midwife first if you are considering taking part in these sorts of classes!

Post-natal classes are a fantastic way to ease back into working out after giving birth. It is not necessary to throw yourself back into an intense “sesh”—simply heading for a walk with your bundle of joy in a pram can allow your body to rejuvenate and replenish energy! It also provides an opportunity to bond with your newborn, fostering a closer relationship and sparking the potential for your child to have a head start in enjoying an active lifestyle.

Photo: Jason Briscoe (via Unsplash)

Tech innovations make home exercise even easier

Once again, HIIT makes an appearance, though this time in the form of BoxxMethod. Presented in the form of a new virtual app, you will not even need to rely on a coach or saddles, pads, punching bags, or a boxing ring to reap the benefits, as this mixture of shadowboxing and intensive exercise will get you moving right in your own home. Armed only with the app and a pair of dumbbells, you can enjoy the benefits of this full-on workout anywhere, anytime.

To use the app, simply choose from a series of routines that have been created with specific targets in mind, which you can edit and tailor accordingly. Each round comprises several sets of short but demanding movements, led by digital instructors who make you work on your lower body, upper body, or both. As little as 15 minutes and three days a week are enough to get plunged into this practice!

Photo: juan pablo rodriguez (via Unsplash)

Digital tools to support your workout

Technology has formed strong roots in the realm of health and well-being. Elevate your next workout by incorporating some gadgets that will help to track your progress and aid in developing your future-facing goals.

Overtaking smart bracelets and trackers worn on the wrist in popularity, “invisible” activity monitors are the newer, more stylish version that you should consider upgrading to. Fashionably interchangeable with chic accessories, the tracking components inside Ringly’s sporting jewellery keep a metre on your daily steps taken, distances run, as well as calories burnt, all whilst allowing you to establish your goals through their corresponding smartphone controls. What’s more, you can also be reminded of urgent messages mid-workout or meeting through their alerts system!

If mental endurance is what you are seeking, then fitness and music app Runkeeper is a smart choice that can help keep your motivation levels up whilst keeping a pulse on your progress as well. Linking with your Spotify library, Runkeeper helps to stream your favourite playlists while simultaneously making records of your sessions.


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