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7 best places to buy puzzles in Hong Kong

By Shania Siu 16 August 2021 | Last Updated 11 March 2022

Header images courtesy of Kapok

The sense of achievement that comes with finishing a jigsaw puzzle is practically comparable to runner’s high—it’s euphoric. You spend hours, days, or even months completing a beautiful picture, and now, you get to display it and stare for as long as you like. It sounds like a tedious task, but there’s something relaxing and stress-relieving about completing a puzzle—it embodies the spirit of seeing results after patience and prolonged persistence.

If this has convinced you to try your hand at this entertaining yet leisurely pastime, or if you’re a puzzle master who wants to explore their puzzle-sourcing options, here’s a list of the best places to buy puzzles in Hong Kong.

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Puzzle King (江帆砌圖專門店)

Just a minute’s walk from the Causeway Bay MTR station, the appropriately-named Puzzle King (江帆砌圖專門店) is a conveniently located crowd-favourite for anyone hoping to give their puzzle collection a boost. With piles on piles of puzzles featuring Disney characters, classic anime posters, beautiful nature photography, animals, and even custom-made puzzles using your own personal photos, Puzzle King truly has it all.

To make sure you can proudly display your masterpiece and commemorate all the hours you’ve spent on your ginormous puzzle, purchases made at Puzzle King also come with a beautiful wooden frame—just take your pick from their different shades of wood! Plus, if you need any help finding the hidden gem that’s tailored to your interests, just ask their friendly staff for some recommendations.

On the flip side, if you want to browse their extensive product list in the comfort of your own home, they have an online store, too—don’t hesitate to send them a message and get your next order started!

Puzzle King (江帆砌圖專門店), Shop 226, Island Beverley, 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay | (+852) 2366 7016


Artistic Studios

On the other side of Hong Kong sits a spacious kiddie paradise that’s also stocked with various puzzles for adults. At Artistic Studios, it doesn’t matter if you are five, 15, or 51 years old—as long as you like puzzles (or toys), you will have a blast strolling down their aisles and checking out their shelves lined with colourful items!

Some of their interesting products include the 1,000-piece blackboard puzzle that’s both challenging and functional—it’s a treat for children and adults alike. Artistic Studios runs frequent promotions, too, so be sure to check out their Facebook page for updates on how to snag the best deal possible!

Artistic Studios, UG17, UG/F, Olympian City 3, 1 Hoi Wang Road, Tai Kok Tsui | (+852) 2780 3177

Note: Artistic Studios will close permanently in June 2022.



In this lifestyle store with several branches across the city, you’re bound to find a cute, intriguing knick-knack to bring home with you. For puzzle lovers, Kapok is excellent for artistic puzzles that can end up doubling as a nice addition to your wall—at least one of their many options will fit right in with the rest of your home décor.

If you cannot find what you want at their physical stores, don’t stress—their user-friendly online shop has all their available products listed out, so you're sure to find a little (or big) puzzle that’s right up your alley.

Kapok, locations across Hong Kong and Kowloon

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3D-JP Puzzle

Puzzles are not just rectangular, square, or even flat when you are shopping at 3D-JP—hence their name! 3D-JP has stocked its many branches with functional and pleasantly odd puzzle variations, including alarm clocks, flower vases, pots for succulents, pencil sharpeners, and other custom items and accessories. It’s quite hard to imagine, so we will let the photos do the talking for us.

3D-JP also has an online store in the works, so check back every now and then to find out when you’re able to order a few of their 3D or traditional puzzles straight from their website.

3D-JP, locations across Kowloon and New Territories

Photo: Puzzle Angel

Puzzle Angel

On the sixth floor of Sham Shui Po’s Dragon Centre—the floor below the goldmine for all things K-pop (you’re welcome)—lies a store filled to the brim with all sorts of puzzles. What’s more, they are quite affordable, too!

A popular spot for hunting for jigsaw puzzles, Puzzle Angel occupies a prime location that makes dropping by to browse their selection incredibly convenient. Each purchase of a puzzle also comes with a free wooden frame, so you will not be left wondering how to exhibit your hard work once you’re done. If you’re unsure about their catalogue, stock, or anything at all, just shoot them a message and they will reply in no time.

Puzzle Angel, Shop 611, Dragon Centre, 6 Yen Chow Street, Sham Shui Po | (+852) 6360 9630

Photo: Bianca Ackermann (via Unsplash)

Puzzle N Toys

Puzzle N Toys has a cornucopia of puzzles for adults and also for children—it’s never a bad idea to get them started on puzzles early! A fully online store, Puzzle N Toys offers a selection of children’s puzzles for educational purposes, such as remembering flags, numbers, animals, and more, but other puzzles go up to 3,000 pieces. Each listing even details the approximate time it should take for you to complete the puzzle you’re eyeing, so you will know what you’re getting into before you take the plunge.

On top of that, delivery for this Hong Kong-based store is quick and efficient—orders for in-store stock are shipped out for delivery the next day, while pre-orders take around two to four weeks. Puzzle N Toys also has a thirty-day exchange guarantee, so you can set aside your doubts and seal the deal when you’re sure.

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Dizzy Puzzle

With an online catalogue so diverse that it might truly make you feel dizzy during the browsing process, this Hong Kong-based online puzzle store lives up to its name, to say the least. Offering a wide selection of puzzles based on designers’ art pieces, artists’ paintings, various patterns, and more, Dizzy Puzzle’s website will surely have you trawling its selection for hours and adding several beautiful jigsaw puzzles to your cart.

Its online store is neatly categorised into different patterns and the number of pieces in each puzzle, so if you’re just looking for a small, quick challenge, there’s something under 500 pieces for you. On the other hand, if you’re interested in tackling a long-term commitment with a proportionate pay-off, you will be more than pleased to hear that some of their puzzles contain a whopping count of 5,000 pieces!

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