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5 easy ways to improve the condition of your sleep

By Heveya® Sponsored | 17 April 2020

We all know that sleep is important; in fact, we spend one-third of our lives in bed! To fully benefit from sleep, we require well-rested nights, which in turns requires a conducive sleeping environment. Ideally, your bedroom should be cool, quiet, and dark, while your bed should be supportive and comfortable in order to promote healthy sleep.

If you are interested in organic food to support your health, you should realise that you’re actually getting greater exposure to toxic chemicals in your bed than anywhere else. Therefore, investing in a mattress and bedding products made of natural materials make a lot of sense!

Use products made of natural and organic materials

Given how much time we spend in the bedroom, you really don’t want to be using products that may give off toxic off-gassing or have electromagnetic radiation issues. Mattresses made of PU foam and metal springs will usually have such problems, so it’s far better to find something that is made of 100 percent natural organic materials.

Mattress support is key

There are many forms of mattress in the market nowadays, from more traditional options such as spring and foam mattresses to unconventional ones like water beds. You need to figure out your personal preference, but we would definitely suggest finding something that can support your body.

Natural latex mattresses are well known to provide excellent comfort and support. Due to its natural elasticity, latex can conform to your body shape, which promotes good spinal alignment. Body pressure is also well distributed, resulting in better blood circulation and allowing your body to relax fully during your sleep time.

Sleep is for life

Some mattresses may wear down over time, so you need to be sure you have something that will last. Mattresses from a good manufacturer will pay more attention to quality, so your investment should last longer. Latex is also one of the most durable materials for bedding products. Due to its elasticity and resilience, it keeps its shape for many years. You will only be replacing your mattress every 10 or so years, so it's a real commitment!

Keep sleeping safe and hygenic

If you have allergies, you really need to pay attention to what your mattress is made of. Organic latex is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites and mould, so these materials should be what you're looking for. You should also find a mattress that’s easy to clean, such as ones that come with removable covers, so stains and loose debris can be cleaned away easily.

Be sure to breathe

We’re not just talking about how you breathe, but how your mattress breathes! In order to sleep comfortably, you also need to pay attention to temperature. Latex mattresses, in particular, have open cell structures and pin core holes to promote ventilation. Natural bedding material offers better breathability compared to synthetic ones, thus, providing a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

Heveya® is a shop in Central that specialises in bedding products made of natural and sustainable materials that fit all the criteria mentioned above. Their Heveya mattresses are made of 100 percent natural organic latex, promoting good spinal alignment and better blood circulation as well as being naturally dust mite and mould resistant!

Aside from the mattress, you need to pay attention to other bedding materials as well. At Heveya®, you can find adjustable slatted bed bases made of FSC-certified beech wood, organic latex pillows, and bamboo lyocell sheets to create a bed that is perfectly suited to your needs.

When we lay down on the bed, the first thing that the skin touches is the sheets. Therefore, the texture and feel of the sheets are very important. Their Heveya bamboo lyocell sheets feel incredibly luxurious as these sheets have a unique silky smooth and soft feathery texture that is similar to silk. Made from 100 percent organic bamboo lyocell, it does not trap excess heat, repels odours and allergens, and naturally wicks away sweat faster than cotton. Its temperature regulating property will cool you down in summer and keep you cosy-warm in winter—perfect for Hong Kong weather.

Talk to Okooko’s sleep consultants to find out which options work best for you. Sleep—the most important human need—is definitely worth investing in. Now go snooze your way to feeling refreshed every morning!


Heveya® is a shop in Central that specialises in bedding products made of natural and sustainable materials to create a healthy sleeping environment and help you invest in your sleep.

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